1. H

    Is it ok to use copper pipes with stainless cylinder?

    I have a vented direct (immersion only no boiler) hot water system. Old pipes are all 22mm copper. Now need to replace the cylinder. I am wondering about the material compatibility of the old copper pipes with new stainless cylinder? Can I just put in the stainless cylinder as a direct...
  2. M

    Replacing boiler from a vented to a sealed system.

    I currently have a Glow Worm Flexicom 24hx condensing boiler (13 years old) on the ground floor and a water tank and vented expansion tank in the loft. My home is a detached chalet style bungalow, ground floor and first floor with a small loft area above. It has 4 bedrooms with around 15...
  3. TeachMeObiWan

    Vaillant Combi & Hot Water Tank ... Possible? Yes but how best?

    Hi, I'm hoping from some sage advice, from you lovely people. I have a Valiant Ecotherm 832 Combi boiler that was put in about 4 years ago. I'd just moved in, and the place had an old oil boiler that sounded like a jet engine, and an uninsulated hot water tank that was taking up tons of room...
  4. L

    Thermals store

    Is there any reason why I couldn't convert a non vented thermal store to a vented version by replacing the AAV on the top of the cylinder with a header tank? I don't trust the aged back boiler to be pressured on my new second hand log burner and also don't want a pressured vessel
  5. 2

    Changing Vented S plan to Unvented S Plan

    Good evening all, I’m a drainage engineer with a plumbing background. My property is an old 1930’s, has an indirect vented cyclinder, f+e in loft and also water tank storage in loft. Would like to replace the vented with an unvented. Same location as existing, really good mains pressure on 15mm...
  6. B

    Replacing failed Danfoss 103 timer

    Hi, My flat has an old pumped central heating and gravity hot water system controlled by a Danfoss 103 electric-mechanical timeswitch. [Correction from ianmcd, below: It is not gravity HW. It is an open vent system with pumped HW]. No room thermostat. Hot water and heating cannot be switched...
  7. mafj

    convert cold water tank/vented cylinder installation into vented heat store with HIU for DHW

    Hoping to solicit opinions before venturing into this project. The motivation is simple - shower/kitchen pressure (mind this is bungalow with 1.2m head ove r shower). I have been toying with the idea of connecting PHE to cylinder directly with pump and bunch of necessary components. But this...
  8. B

    Tumble dryer ducting

    Hi I have to install a vented tumble dryer about 3 meters from the external wall where the vent is located The ducting has to run behind kitchen cabinets and so there is restricted space . Is it ok to use the flat rectangular ducting as opposed to the circular type? Will this cause any issues...
  9. I

    Vented Thermal Store Installation

    Hi - I need to replace an old vented thermal store because the eco7 immersion has gone and the plumber has advised that it's seized in place and the whole tank will need to be replaced. The tank in question is a Gledhill Torrent (which I don't think are made now) but I've looked around and it...
  10. C

    Changing a vented single cooker hood to a range one

    Hi, In our kitchen there was a vented single cooker hood - previous owners extended the tiled area behind the cooker then used a range. The ducting goes up and into a wooden box below the ceiling presumably as it is too high for the extending chimney hood. The new range cooker hood is going...
  11. D

    Do I need a pump?

    Hi all, I'm installing an open vented system for my hot water (bad mains pressure rules out an unvented system) and I'm wondering if I can get away without a pump. I'm going to have 2 bathrooms run off the tank and the showers are rated for 0.1 bar. I figured if i have a 28mm pipe from the tank...