veritas r8

  1. S

    Texecom Veritas R8 alarm panel beeping randomly - no warning lights

    Hello, Looking for some help please! We have a Texecom Veritas R8 alarm system. We recently changed the battery in the main alarm box located in our loft, after suffering the annoying battery low intermittent beeping from the alarm control panel for months, which solved this issue. We've not...
  2. A

    Texacom veritas R8 panic button fault

    So an after-school 'incident' occurred and the upshot is the panic button was hanging of the wall.. No issue I think as the wires still in place so its obvious the location of each. Anyway I've remounted the button and re-seated each wire in their original terminals. The issue now being that...
  3. DIYNovice1979

    Replacing the battery on a veritas R8 alarm

    Hi, I've got a Veritas R8 alarm. The "unset" button is flashing, from a Google, it looks like it could be a faulty battery (no fuses or circuits have tripped). I've ordered a new battery ( I've got...
  4. G

    Need to reset Veritas R8

    We recently moved to a new house with Veritas V8 Security installed. My son accidently pressed some buttons and alarm triggered. I removed a black wire form the alarm to stop the noise and sound from the panel stopped after sometime, but I now have Unset button solid green and tamper light...
  5. J

    Veritas R8 Battery Voltage [Solved]

    Greetings all, Getting the oft encountered flashing power LED on my Veritas R8. Mains voltage and fuse seem ok. When external supply fuse pulled the alarm sounds. Battery Fuse ok, 11.2V DC measured at PCB terminals. Is this too low? Doesn't seem too bad for a 12V battery but I've seen other...
  6. F

    texecom veritas or elite 24 zone type

    Hello, Is there an option or zone type to monitor a door using magnetic contact as follows: no PIN codes to be used. no arming or disarming to be done. and whenever the door is open the internal sounder keeps chiming or quacking, and once the door is closed the sound is stopped...
  7. J

    Veritas R8

    Hi. I'm decorating at the moment so need to open the pir's and unscrew from the get at the old wallpaper behind it and put up the new. I'm scared to undo the pir in case my alarm goes off and I cannot stop it. Is it safe to unscrew it? Even if I can just disable it so it doesn't...