Replacing the battery on a veritas R8 alarm

6 Jan 2021
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United Kingdom
I've got a Veritas R8 alarm. The "unset" button is flashing, from a Google, it looks like it could be a faulty battery (no fuses or circuits have tripped). I've ordered a new battery (

I've got a couple of questions about fitting it

1. Removal: is it a case of disconnecting the negative first (black), then positive (red)?
2. Replacement: add positive first and then connect negative terminal last?

Also, I'm a little worried about the live mains power to the board whilst I do this? Should I power off the mains first? My concern is that doing so will clear the alarm code and load a default I'm not aware of.

Advice appreciated.



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Firstly the battery you have ordered is tiny 1Ah

As long as you don't short them out it wont matter on the order so much.

Must people would replace the battery without down powering the panel, although it is safer to down power the panel first, as then you don't have to worry bout touching anything that might be live.
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OK, thanks.

Is that the wrong battery? The specs looked the same as the old one (12v, 1.3ah)
It’s not wrong in the sense it is compatible, as it’s already ordered leave it be.
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Unfortunately, it's not as easy as I first thought (not much in life is!)

I couldn't get the old battery off, it looks like the wires and ends are corroded together (see picture).

I'm wondering if I can just replace the black and red battery cables (highlighted in the second picture), but I'm not sure where I can buy replacements from - any ideas?
Also, it would be much appreciated if someone can give me an idea of how fiddly a job it would - I'm wondering whether I'd be better off just paying an electrician/alarm engineer.



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You can buy female spade connectors from Halfords or Screwfix.
Just cut off corroded connectors and crimp new spade connector on end of cable.
You can use a pair of piles to crimp wire onto spade connector.
Thanks for the advice guys, I bought the spade connectors - all done now :)

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