1. CrazeUK

    What type of flooring - Laminate / Engineered / Real wood

    Hi All. We are looking at re-doing the flooring over the next couple of weeks. Current We currently have a beige carpet which between crazy nephews and nieces that can't sit still with food and a cat that loves to pick at the carpet now needs to be changed after 4 years. What Hallway and Open...
  2. D

    Tiling over vinyl paint? Min. prep required?

    Rendered and skimmed wall, vinyl paint. What is the vest prep? It doesn't seem like a good surface to tile, maybe a good scoring with el diablo or a plasterers roughing out saw? Maybe bolster the skim off? What's the usual way to proceed? Thank you Dain
  3. C

    How do I raise height of click vinyl without leveling compound

    Hi, (Sorry if answered elsewhere - couldn't find it) Short version: Is there some kind of thick underlay which can be used under click vinyl to raise its height to match adjoining tiles? Needs to allow heat transfer from under floor heating and not be too squishy for the vinyl planks. Long...
  4. D

    Which rigid mat under washing machine, under vinyl flooring

    1st floor galley kitchen with vinyl flooring. Kitchen is not 'fitted'. I'd like to put some sort of fairly rigid mat under the washing machine to prevent the point loaded washing machine feet from damaging the click vinyl as the machine tries to go walkabout. I read that rubber mats, or...
  5. D

    Washing machine on click vinyl? Bad idea?

    My kitchen is upstairs so the floor is a mix of t&g chipboard and ply; it doesn't have gaps and I levelled it. Is it a bad idea to put click vinyl flooring in there with a washing machine? B&Q colours slate tile 5mm. Will the washing machine destroy the click? Thanks..
  6. D

    Best way to cut click vinyl?

    Stanley knife? Jigsaw with fine blade, and corners with a largish drill? Thanks
  7. J

    Paper over Zinsser Wallpaper Cover Up?

    I've used some (a lot) of Zinssers Wallpaper Cover Up to prime and cover some vinyl wallpaper, with the intention of painting over with emulsion (as directed on the instructions). The Zinssers has done a brilliant job of adhering to the vinyl, but I think the walls would benefit from a layer of...
  8. D

    Replace 18mm chipboard t&g with 12mm ply

    1st floor galley kitchen job (3m x 2m): I want to put click vinyl down but don't want the click to raise the finished floor level so I figure on replacing the 18mm chipboard sub with 12mm ply? Any thoughts? Do I need additional floor support perp to joists? At what ctrs? What size additional...
  9. D

    Vinyl floor in empty kitchen

    Are kitchen units supposed to go in 1st and then the click vinyl gets cut in around it, or does the click go down wall to wall and the units go on top?
  10. D

    Click vinyl - is it easy to put down etc

    I don't mind removing the door architraves etc to put it down. Is an underlay of some kind always necessary (am trying not to raise finished surface up too much). How much expansion space needed along edges of a 3x2m room? (room is currently without skirting) Once down, if I remove a...
  11. D

    Vinyl click flooring etc for kitchen - can anyone recommend any?

    Glued down lino is definitely not an option, hateful stuff to change. B&Q do click vinyl, but it only clicks properly along it's length, quite a few poor reviews too. Does anyone know of a good brand, maybe that uses HDF, fits together well, and won't chip if a kid drops a Tonka on it? Of a...
  12. T

    Vinyl and plumbing’s issues kitchen

    We bought a 70s semi (ex Council ) and behind the dishwasher and washing machine there is a strong musty smell and the vinyl is all ripped. It also seems like the wall needs plastering . Would we need a whole new kitchen or just new vinyl ? Also how to fill the massive hole where the pipe...
  13. L

    Rhinofloor range - relative durability & comfort

    Our bathroom flooring needs replacing - we're planning to whip out the grotty old carpet and put some vinyl down instead. Trouble is, the design we like the best is from the Rhinofloor XL Supergrip range, which only has a relatively thin backing and wear layer, and a 5 year guarantee compared to...
  14. S

    Cushion flooring step trim?

    Hi I've removed the laminate flooring in the kitchen as we are doing the kitchen up and would like to fit vinyl cushion flooring, the subfloor is concrete, the kitchen is lower then the lounge and as such when entering the kitchen there is a single concrete step, I was planning on vinyl...
  15. C

    I used vinyl matt as an undercoat on fresh plaster, how do I fix it?

    I watered down vinyl matt paint and used it as an undercoat on top of fresh plaster thinking it was matt emulsion. I have not done a second coat yet and would like to know if I should continue or fix it and if I should fix it, how? If it is of any helps the colour that I would like to finish...
  16. O

    Uneven floor? Help!

    I am planning to get new flooring in my bedroom. My neighbour installed laminate flooring 10 years ago and he said the reason why some planks in the centre of the room wouldn’t click into place was because the floor boards were uneven, probably due to heat from the radiator. I don’t want this to...
  17. G

    Very damp wall....

    doing a renovation project. Noticed water pouring through and down an internal downstairs wall!! Lime render on the outside and removing soggy plaster showed a poorly applied layer of bitumen on what looks like cement, that is coming off tomorrow and the stone wall will be restored...
  18. J

    We think this job is awful, do you agree and if so what she he have done differently?

    Hello, I'm new here and a total amateur so please forgive anything daft I say below! We had a very well rated carpet installer fit our landing and stairs with carpet last week, we purchased the carpet for a local carpet shop for him to fit and he provided everything else (underlay, vinyl etc)...
  19. S

    Sub floor for vinyl in bathroom

    Hi all, Wonder if I might beg some advice. Going to be laying new vinyl sheet flooring in my bathroom. Currently it has floorboard-thin hardboard-stick on vinyl tiles. Naturally the thin hardboard (maybe 3mm) has suffered over the years and the floor is a bit up and down. Floorboards are as...
  20. Gerrydelasel

    Why do people still tile floors?

    Thought I'd start my own discussion thread. This has no particular motive, I'm just curoius what people think! OK, I am guilty of sometimes deriding modern materials as 'naff' and 'not as good as the real thing', but when it comes to tiled floors, I am puzzled. These days you can buy vinyl...