water heater

  1. P

    How to work this mechanical timer dial

    Hi all, I have just moved into a rented property and it have a unvented heater tank for the hot water. I am getting no hot water at all and just wondering if the knotches on this timer dial need to be in or out for it to be on? I suspect the timer is broken as when I set the current time it...
  2. L

    Hot water noise - trying to diagnose!

    Hi, My neighbours above me have an immersion and whenever they use hot water, this noise has plagued my flat as well as the flats below me and above them. Their plumber can't seem to fix it or identify the fault. It's such a loud noise that you can hear it over the TV, in every room of the flat...
  3. thehmajeed

    Sangamo Water Heater Timer not Rotating

    Hello, I have a sangamo water heater unit, the clock is not turning. I can hear the clock ticking however it does not turn. There is mains power since when I rotate the clock manually the water heater turns on. Any idea why the clock is not turning? Thanks. Sangamo Quartz 7 Economy
  4. SomethingSomething

    New CH system - hiding pipes?

    Hi All, Thank you for your time! FTB's - We're moving into a new property in 2-3 months time which currently has an old-style gas multipoint water heater and electric storage heaters, but no central heating. The property is a 1950-1960s end-of-terrace three bedroom, would there be any...
  5. J

    Replacement water heater

    Hi, I have recently moved into a house that has an instantaneous water heater for the bathroom sink. The heater has stopped working so I am now on the lookout for a suitable replacement. The current heater is a Tritan TW10i which I believe is 9.5kwh. As this heater is no longer produced, I am...
  6. momomo345

    Main Multipoint FF water heater red light blinking

    My water heater frequently goes in protection mode a few seconds after starting a hot water upstairs which is quite annoying because I need to press on a button for 5 seconds to reset it and make it work again. I have a specialist having a look several time but the water heater is all clean and...
  7. TallulaB

    Vaillant auro stor water heater help!

    Hello, Hoping someone can help! Not sure what else to try. We have a Vaillant eco tec boiler and we also have a Vaillant auro stor water heater, but for the last two months all of our hot water is coming out Lukewarm. When we first moved in it worked perfectly and the water was super hot. Our...
  8. F

    Vokera Aquanova LE or Ariston Next Evo x

    My Main Medway Super Multipoint has finally bitten the dust :(. Its Hobson's choice for a (NG) replacement either a Ariston Next Evo X 16l or the Vokera AquaNova LE. Does anyone have any experience of these water heaters and which one is the better choice?
  9. J

    Electric on demand water heater advice

    I'm in the process of buying a property which needs a complete bathroom overhaul. The current bathroom has an electrically powered hot water tank feeding a bath, shower and sink. I would really like to remove the water tank to save valuable space (and probably energy usage too) and so wondering...
  10. G

    are there any water heaters with expansion tanks inside

    Hi, Im looking for an 80L electric water heater , apparently some have an expansion tank internally ? is that correct ? If so does anyone know of any ? thanks in anticipation
  11. G

    is 80L water heater ok for a bath

    My old electric water heater has broken, Its Simex, but I cant see a model or size, Im guessing it may be 80L from the outer volume working out around 95. Does this sound ok for a bath ?
  12. G

    are leaking electric heaters repairable ?

    Ive got an old simex 80L water heater which is leaking from the bottom, might it be fixable ? Im struggling to find a reasonably priced replacement.
  13. electricsheep

    Water heater turns itself off

    I have a Medway Super which lights fine but turns itself off once I've turned the hot water tap off - does sound like a problem with the diaphram?
  14. M

    Help with Sizing a Tank Water Heater

    Hi, We are trying to size a water heater with tank for a dormitory toilets, laundry and public showers. Kindly let me know what will be the best way to get about doing this? Following are the equipment that will be utilizing the water heaters, Area Equipment QTY Bar Kitchen Single Tap Sink 1...
  15. T

    Timer for economy 7 Water heater

    Hello, I have a problem with an E7 water heater which means there is no longer the option to have both peak and off peak feeds connected to the element - the tank was replaced with one with only one element but the previous one had two. So at the moment, I have chosen to connect the peak feed...
  16. T

    RCD trips continuously with water heater

    I have connected up a new 5 KW instant water heater and have used 4mm cable of about 4 metres long to connect to the modern Wylex consumer unit with 2 RCDs using a 32 amp circuit breaker. The manual for the water heater suggests that it draws 22 amps or so, but the 32 amp breaker was to hand. As...
  17. Michelle79

    HELP oso water tank- how to set timer????

    Hello I have an all Electric flat with storage heaters and a water tank. I struggle to get 2 baths worth of hot water, I've tried variations with the timer. How long and when should have this on and what's the most effective way to use the boost?? Any help appreciated
  18. S

    Pressure Release Valve location - Ariston Undersink Water Heater

    Hi all, my first post. I am installing an undersink water heater in the garage loft. The instructions say the pressure release valve must be on the cold feed and the diagram show it right next the heater, my question is can i install it below the floor. i.e. in the garage below (as drawn) It...
  19. B

    Water Heating Alternatives

    Hi My family are fortunate enough to own a small holiday home in norfolk. It has no central heating and budgets are tight but the immersion water tank is ready to be binned (we've had a few leaks where people haven't drained the tank and left it for a wee while..). We'd rather not have a...
  20. L

    What system do I need?

    Hi, My partner and I have bought a flat and are trying to figure out what to do about the heating and water, which are both rubbish at the moment. At the moment, we have an Economy 7, electric only system. There is a tank that switches on during off-peak that also has a boost for when we need...