yale alarm

  1. I

    Yale door contacts stopped working

    I have a Yale EF Kit 1 which has been working fine for about 3 years. I replaced the batteries recently (which I've done successfully in the past) but both my front and rear door magnetic contacts have stopped working (i.e. they don't trigger the alarm). Everything else in the system is working...
  2. W

    Yale Wireless Alarm Siren Box - D Cell batteries replacement

    The wireless Yale siren box takes 4x D cell batteries, the originals I got with it are powerone alkaline 1.5V Mono LR20, and have lasted 3.5 years (these are made by Varta). I just purchased and installed 4x Varta Longlife Max Power, but the low battery warning pips still sound after...
  3. U

    Yale House Alarm beeping every 30 seconds

    Hi all, New here, so just a simple question. I have a Yale wireless house alarm. It is quiet most of the time, but now and then the amber light goes and it beeps every 30 seconds. When it beeps and I go into the fault log the displayed message is "IR Bedroom Left - Low Battery" and "AC...
  4. T

    Yale EF-KIT1 PIR Issues

    Hi, I installed a Yale EF-KIT1 home alarm about 3 years ago and had no problems. Due the circumstanes this year it has not been used for quite a few months so I decided to change all the batteries and bought an extra PIR for the garage, now the PIR in the living room does not work and the new...
  5. N

    Yale 1A 320 v Simplisafe

    Hi all Pros and cons really small 1 bedroom house. the house is terraced with the back such that several gardens would have to be crossed for access. might use supervised if on holiday, but other than that, have really good neighbours. have read Yale terrible support Simplisafe lacks...
  6. C

    Yale Alarm disarm doesn't work 'sometimes'

    I have a 'round shaped' Yale alarm with a keypad, this has worked faultlessly for years. However yesterday the alarm didn't disarm. I pressed the green 'unlock' button, then the passcode, the lights on the keypad lit up as they normally do, but those flashes then stopped and the alarm didn't...
  7. S

    Yale alarm 2nd siren

    hi I have a Yale ef kit I have a second siren model number hsa6050 Do you know how to set up Best regards Serge
  8. mrelliott

    Yale Smart Living app

    Just about to have a Yale HSA alarm fitted and trying to download the app. We have windows phones so not compatible but husband has a Lenovo Yoga tablet with Android 5.1. When we try to download the app we get a message saying system isn't compatible? Any ideas please?
  9. A

    Yale Easyfit Alarm - Not calling all stored numbers?

    Hi ladies and gents Seeking some advice and guidance please... We have had the system installed for a couple of years now and experienced no issues until today when, upon testing the system, we discovered that it is only calling the first phone number on the list of stored numbers as opposed...
  10. M

    Bungalow Alarm Sensor Placement Yale Smart Alarm

    Hi All I have just purchased a bungalow which doesn't have a alarm. I have purchased a Yale SR-320 Smart Alarm. It comes with 2 PIR and 1 door sensor. I know I need to purchase more door sensors as we have 3 points of entry but would like to know the best place to add the PIR and possibly need...
  11. M

    Yale alarm question

    Hi , Ive just installed a new Yale wireless alarm which works great , but can’t seem to find out what the red buttons are for on the small wireless keypad?. They are called ‘panic alarm a & b’. I understand why there might be one , but two?
  12. J

    Yale Premium B-HSA6400 Calling Issue

    I have the above stated Yale alarm installed and working fine for a while now. My issue is that when the alarm attempts to call the 3 listed emergency numbers it for some reason cannot call one of the numbers. I have triple checked the number is correct and the alarm system manages to dial...
  13. B

    Yale HSA6400 Dialler problem.

    Hello friends. Recently I installed the HSA6400 for a customer and everything went great. He recorded the message we did a test call on both the numbers and they both dialled out. However the customer decided to do an alarm test and said when the dialler dials out it only calls one number and...
  14. C

    hsa6080 yale Key pad

    All. Please can someone explain the functions of the hsa6080 Keypad with a hsa6200 system. I.e. What does the home arm button do? Can I set zones? Look forward to any help that can be offered.
  15. J

    Yale HSA6400 Siren issues - going off when not set/armed

    Hi, My Yale HSA6400 system has been installed for around 6 months and working fine. The last couple of weeks the siren has been sounding when the system is not armed. It then will not disarm when our code is entered. There is a slight 0.5 second break once the unarming code is entered but then...