£220 for a 10 week DIY plastering course???

12 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom

How much would you say is reasonable for a DIY plastering course?

The course is a 3 hour session one evening each week for 10 weeks at the local tech.

They said the fee is £220 which I'm thinking is a bit of a rip off - its only DIY standard and there is no qualification for it.

I've thought about trying to teach myself but would rather go and do a course and actually be taught.


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What's DIY standard? Either it's smooth or it's not.
yeah i suppose £7.33 an hour is a real rip off, especially as you are using all their tools and materials, and the guys time. What a cheek
i've compared it with other adult learning courses and they are no where near as expensive, and its only a diy course, not professional one. i think i'm also worried about losing my money as i know the college is rubbish with poor management n the staff are unhappy and tend not to care. im also not sure if i'll reach a good enough standard to do my own plastering to a good enough standard, therefore, not sure if its a good investment or not.
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£220 is a cheap plasterer for a day, if you can gain enough practice to basically plaster a room yourself it doesn't seem such a bad deal!
You've such a low opinion of everything involved in this course from the tutors to the value for money I would forget about it now. Trying to find a course run by a college and tutors you have some faith in is a start.

Although, like many others, I don't think £220 is an unreasonable price for 30 hours tuition using their tools and materials on their premises.
The cost is not unreasonable considering (presumably!) you get the benefit to practice with a professional supervising & telling you where you’re going wrong as you screw it up!

Many years ago, both the local Tech. colledge & schools ran subsidised evening courses on practically anything you care to think of. You could enrol for the price of a few cases of beer, go along & learn all you wanted; some courses were even a cheap way for DIY’ing your own project work – but obviously not plastering! Sadly, such courses no longer seem to be subsidised by our government & must, therefore, not only be self financing but also return a profit! This is probably one of the reasons why the UK is now so short of ‘native’ tradesmen - or should that be tradespersons?
I took a plastering course at my local college it cost me £150 for 4 nights (4 hour sessions) have used it quite a lot since didn't have a clue before but have to say it has paid off, saved a packet and have got to quite a good level now.
hmm its just doesnt seem that expensive anymore - think i was just comparing it to wrong things.

thanks for all comments... think i might go for it :)
I paid £299 for an intensive weekend course and nearly died at how easy it was when you are shown properly!

Previously, I had done my entire livingroom and made a complete balls of it (it was so bad I was reduced to 'smoothing' the plaster with my bare hands! Haha!)!

Anyway, why spend weeks when you can pick it up in two days?

And I found the real secret is in the trowel. My Marshalltown preworn is a gift from the Gods! :)

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