£40-£50k Investing Ideas

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Fair point though, land, they've stopped making it, demand guaranteed to outstrip supply.
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What rate have you been achieving in the last 5 years? I put something of my recent experiences here https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/investment-and-pensions.580299/#post-5083971 . ESG is running about or just below the top one (American Index). Those are all indexes or global funds-of-funds, nothing risky.

£50k isn't going to change your life. Annuity rates mean you need a lot more than that for very significant income, depending..... of course.
Depends on all sorts.
I'd split it into several different things which have been doing particularly well over a long period. Most will carry on. The middle lines on the graphs I posted are running about 12%pa.

Easily beatable, eg even the Vanguard US Equity Index Acc GBP has done 17.7% pa over 5 years. Even with a bad year it beats the hell out of a building society.

Wouldn't blame you for putting a couple of k in crypto. It might multiply and the worst thing that could happen is you lose 2k!
Not really enough info to go on. But I'd look at the following:

If you are mortgage free:
- Buy a nice buy to airbnb in a decent seaside town. 50k down 150k mortgage, if you buy well it will earn around 10-15k per year. Modest return after costs, but you get a second home to enjoy. You'll have around 3k costs + mortgage, so in the early years its more of a free holiday home than an investment. But eventually it will be yours.

Drip it in to a tax free investment fund ISA-shares.
- LON:MIDD will track reasonably well. Its a bit up and down, but 5-8% a year is reasonable.
- QQQ tracks the US tech heavy NASDAQ - yields 15-20% historically.

If you have a mortgage - pay it off.
i would buy a house and rent it out
Why have you sold a rental giving you g`teed good return and also in past few years a fantastic increase in price
I do like the advice given to buy a house.

If you read the OP, he has the £50k because he just sold his second house. Now he hasn't been clear on why he sold it, but I would suggest if he was looking to invest it back into property, he would be pretty aware about that. It's far more likely that he has taken it out of property as he doesn't want to be in bricks and mortar.
Why have you sold a rental giving you g`teed good return and also in past few years a fantastic increase in price

some people can't be bothered with the effort of looking after a house and tenants.

tax treatment of BTL landlords may be getting less favourable.
As a landlord of many years standing i wouldn't. The changes to the laws and regulations around letting mean the costs involved take away most of not all your profits. The Private Rented sector is a favourite target of all parties.
only way you might not have excessive costs is to buy a new house. Buy to Let mortgages cost more.

I'm out of being a landlord by end of 2023.
The problem we now have is the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 which allow electricians to tag all sorts of minor defects and ensure they get the work, due to the tight timescales to complete remedies. It makes it very expensive to bring an older property up to scratch despite the guidance that the current regulations should not be retro applied.

I suspect at some point they will be expanded to cover the AirBnB model, but for the time being - its a more profitable and easier model to work.
Electrical check lasts 5 years so divide the cost by 5 , but yep lot of sparks are lying about what is actually required . If your going to invest tens of thousands into a property then the least anyone should do is gen up on the regs plenty of landlords sites with explanations
Genning up on the regs would be the easy part. Arguing the difference with a skilled craftsman between your interpretation and his is a completely different ball game.
Rather than seeking the advice of a bunch of keyboard warriors on the internet, I would suggest seeking the advice of a financial advisor.
That being said, as a stranger on the internet and making some large assumptions, I would tell you to throw the bitcoin idea in the bin and tell your son to not be so stupid. I would be looking to load it into a stocks and shares ISA (this would take you 2 and half years as you are limited to £20k per year) and then would be looking to put it into a wide spread of tracker funds.

Don't listen to this guy^

Your son has the right idea, put it into Bitcoin. But don't go all in right now. Bitcoin moves in 4 year cycles and is coming to the peak of it's current cycle. Wait until the peak happens and the downtrend begins THEN start dollar cost averaging (putting bits of money in each time it drops). Do this until after the next halving (880 days from now), that is when it really starts to run. This peak could see anywhere between 90k and 170k... the next peak (in about 3 years time) could see 500k.

Young people don't want stocks and shares, ISAs or any other boring investments, they want Bitcoin. They will inherit money from old people and guess where they will put it? That's why it's only going up from here long term.
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