£54m to France to help stop 'refugees' crossing the channel.

I was locked out of the ‘notable obituaries' thread that I started for simply reporting the dozen or so off-topic argument posts over a couple of pages and asking the mods to tidy it up. They were eventually removed and I think I’ve got my privileges back now though - just waiting for someone half-decent to pop their clogs. :rolleyes:
Jackie Mason. R.I.P. Normal service is resumed. :)
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I'm sorry, Motters...

You've just broken the rule that gets your goat when other people do it.

Don't forget to complain to the mods!
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there is likely that there will be a massive exodus of refugees from Ahfghanistan when the fruit cakes take full control

usa are already in talks with neighbouring countries ref 100000 afghans that have worked for them over the years .

cleaners , gardeners , cooks , interpreters etc that need to get out of the place for there own safety

several associated with nato forces have been beheaded by the fruit cakes