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6 Feb 2008
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United Kingdom
Somebody asked for examples a few weeks ago, but now the 17th has been properly with us for nearly 2 weeks, I thought I'd start a new thread off with a couple of my own examples.

Anybody else?

Board replacement and general update in a small semi, very cost consious job, so had to make do with one RCBO for the lighting. The MCB on the non-rcd side feeds the small light under the stairs (where the CU is). Cable for this light and switch is clipped direct.

My own board, work in progress, note the non-maintained emergency light above the unit. And don't tell me about non-combustable surfaces, I know, understand and will soon replace with hardi-backer board.

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Hope you've sealed those cable entries along the top to the required IP rating!!
That is too big for the top surface of a CU. It should be sealed to IP4X.

On the top CU, how do you test for end to end continuity of the CPCs of the ring circuit?
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Loks nice, the comments about the IP intrusion, what about the holes in the back?
surely and water ingress would come down the back & get in there too?
It is not concerned with water ingress, it is to stop fingers and bits of metal falling into or being prodded into the CU, and either causing a short circuit, or a person to come into direct contact with a live part.

Click, sorry, I thought you had joined the ends of the ring into a yellow crimp, and continued on in 4.0mm to the earth bar. I've had a closed look and can see I was mistaken. :oops:
i see a problem with the em light. when you have a power failure at night, you would be able to see the writting on the db as the light is facing away from it, and also the light may dazzle you.
I must admit, the bottom one is 1000% better than the top one :D
(OK, so I think Chint are cheap and rubbish - don't like the wylex RCBO in there either.)
What's with the meter box below, was it outside?
Mounting a CU on wood is of no issue these days as the CU's have a back to them. Older ones did not. (anyone remeber the older MEM boards where you had the option to stick a backplate on? I think they may still actually be available.....).

RF....If the ends of the ring where crimped, or shared the same sleeving, ring continuity could be preformed at a socket outlet. TBH, doing so at a socket outlet is easier, and as you *should* be taking accessory covers off, is not exactly a difficult task!

** - I recently went along with some chap to give him some tips and help on doing a PIR. He did not remove a single accessory until I asked why he wasn't!
** - I recently went along with some chap to give him some tips and help on doing a PIR. He did not remove a single accessory until I asked why he wasn't!

What was his reasoning, apart from he didn't have a clue what he was doing?
Hope he has professional indemnity insurance and took your advice on-board.
Yeah, I wasn't keen on the Wylex RCBO in the Chint either, but its what I could get, at the right price. I've never been a fan of putting the wrong components into boards, but this was a bit of a age concern type job for a mate of a mate.
The other option was to 'design' the install before 1st July, but I like doing things half properly!

RF: I get what you're talking about with CPC continuity now, the yellow crimp is actually where I extended the CPC of an old 6mm2 imperial equivalent cable, and 6mm2 g/y single was all I had to hand :oops: It used to be a radial final circuit for a cooker but now only feeds a single double socket, so decided to give it its own 20A MCB (£1.50 each, daft not to!)

Spark123, that is indeed a meter box that was once outside, but is now nice and dry in my new garage, where the consumer unit has been relocated to, after considerable pestering from mrs click-sure, finally got time to do it after recovering from an operation.

rssteve, see your point on the emergeny light, its not perfect, but having tested it I'm happy that it gives enough light to see the DB, and at 8W its hardly dazzling! Can't quite beleive how cheap they have got recently, considering a couple more around the house in fact.

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