2 to 6 year warranty on manufactured goods.

6 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom
Have I read this right as published in the tabloids yesterday?

Most people think they have a standard 12 month warranty on new goods purchased. Apparently that is not the case, our euronating [ Johnmelad not me ] partners have a directive that says in England and Wales the standard warranty is from 2 to 6 years depending on what you have bought i. e electical goods - cars - etc etc. Some guy went back to an electrical wholesalers with a broken telly after 18 months and quoted this directive, the wholesalers said no mate 12 months is your limit , after investigation they found out he was right and changed it. If this is true what a mockery of extended warranties this is going to make and who is ever going to buy one again1 Huge consequences for those that profit from these point of sale sales add on's methinks.Anyone else heard about this directive?
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Well thats just marvellous, I bought a telly for the kitchen 14 month's ago, missus bungs out receipts after 12 month warranty runs out, telly packs up 2 days ago and I shoved it in the bin yesterday to de- clutter, what a mistaka to maka/ I'll remember this directive from here on in!
How come all those consumer groups never publicise this sort of directive,I'd have thought they would be on the ball for it.
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fair wear and tear is not included only manufacturers defects this precluds many cheaper goods as they wouldwear out in less than 2 years

only the 2 year part is from europe as we allready have the six year "fit for purpose" clause in place
IF you can reasonably expect something to last for 6 years then it should.

For instance, a washing machine, TV etc.

ALL stores will claim ignorance of this directive.
you just have to go armed with all the information.

and never throw away a receipt until your also throwing away the item.
Why is it that the British consumer always wants something for nothing?
Why is it that the British consumer always wants something for nothing?

Does expecting a TV to last more that 12 months qualify as 'wanting something for nothing' ? Surely a set should last 3+ years minimum. The real problem is manufacturers making things down to a price, rather than up to a standard. I do appreciate that this is customer driven however.
well if thats the case then,its going to blow the extended warrentys on its ar5e.
Its not all plain sailing though.

Within six months and the shop has to prove they were not faulty when purchased - which is difficult for the shop to do. But after six months the consumer must prove they were faulty when purchased - which may be difficult for the consumer.

Extended warranties may offer a trouble free, quicker way to replace a faulty item.
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