3Com router wireless connection

16 Sep 2003
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United Kingdom
I had connected a router, 3Com 3CRWE754G72-A to a broad band connection and set the wireless encryption to 40-bit WEP, then got an iBook with Airport card to connect to the internet, all worked.

I then took the router to another place, entered the new connection details and got an internet connection on a Windows XP laptop using the ethernet. I then installed the 3Com wireless card, configured it, disconnected the ethernet, and got a wireless connection to the internet. So far so good.

Spoke too soon. :cry:

I switched off the router and moved it to another position and connected to the phone line, and established a wireless connection from the PC to router. Problem is I coul not get a path to the internet. The PC would talk to the router, and I could look at all the settings etc from the PC, and if I reconnected the ethernet and disabled the card, I could connect to the internet.

Does any one know why a previously ok connection should now be a problem?
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baldy01 said:
Switch it off and switch it back on, what happens?

Errm, look at the date of his post. I think he might have done that by now.
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