A quick parquet floor sanding question......

28 Jul 2008
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United Kingdom
I have spent time patching and repairing the parquet floor which covers the whole ground floor of my new house. It is douglas fir in a herringbone pattern.

I hired a drum sander (i know a continous belt sander is preferrable but i couldnt find any in Northern Ireland) and sanded the whole lot down with 36 grit and then 80 grit.

So far i'm very happy with how it looks but due to some problems with the sander, i've had to return it to the hire company (with a complaint!).

Obviously i need to hire another machine for the 100 grit and 150 grit sanding. So my question is: would i now be better hiring an orbital "re-finishing sander" for the fine sanding, rather than the drum sander again? the drum sander has left some faint lines in the direction of sanding.

The ones i have access to are:



Any opinions are greatfully received.....thanks.[/url]
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The last one would be better, if you can't get a trio-sander anywhere.

You're talking about grit 150, you selected to finish the floor with varnish/lacquer? If so, 150 is correct.
If you opted for oiling/hardwaxoil then use grit 120, not higher, as last sanding.
Thanks WoodYouLike. i thought so.

Unfortunately i cannot find a trio sander anywhere for rent in N Ireland so i will go with the commercial floor finishing sander.

(Don't suppose anyone knows where to get any Lecol 7500 in N Ireland? or any other equivalent?)
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Thanks again WoodYouLike. Your info in other threads has been invaluable during my flooring work!

Im busting a gut to get this floor done before going on holiday so was hoping to avoid waiting for deliveries. I've sourced some Junkers Prefill locally, have you ever used it/ heard of it? I assume its they same as idea as Lecol 7500?

One thing i did notice is that it is a water based filler. Would wax/oil take to this? Or if i was to varnish the floor, does this mean that i can then only use a water based varnish? (rather than any solvent based one).
Most modern wood-fillers are now water-based due to VOC regulations - solvent free almost.
It means the mixed product will shrink more than the old 'solvent' ones but there's hardly any difference after it's dried. And no, we haven't used Junkers.

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