A Week In Tory

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Well at least they made it to the end of a week and managed to keep the same Pm; so, that's an improvement, isn't it?
Well at least they made it to the end of a week and managed to keep the same Pm; so, that's an improvement, isn't it?
I hear there have been letters to the 1922 comittee. But no real reporting of it, so maybe just vicious rumours. But if so, will he still be PM for christmas?
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Probably. But the proverbial will hit the fan when tax rises and cuts in public spending are announced in a fortnight.
Has Cruella resigned yet?
No but Sunak just did a crap job of defending her or the current situation in PM questions. Had to return to get brexit done propaganda as if that had anything to do with boat people. End migration here from the EU - makes me laugh. It's being backed off more ever since we left. Sounds like more of that to come as well.

Gove has a crap job too.
Has Cruella resigned yet?
Another interesting fact - asylum seeker arrival levels have been significantly higher in the past and handled.

Last years arrivals - 4% processed. Typically takes near a year. Acceptance rate is usually ~70%

It will probably turn out that they are refusing people who should get it and then complaining about the cost of appeals.

A chat show. Labour's Emily and a young Tory - ripped to pieces as there is no argument that the Tory have allowed it to get how it is and just use grandstanding rather than real solutions. She does have some thoughts. Some relate to where money is spent. Still tricky though.
Yet another factor. The gov might find itself fighting compensation claims. Barristers are being approached.
In other news:

"The prime minister is to review which of his pledges are still “deliverable”, his press secretary said on Wednesday."

"The prime minister is to review which of his pledges are still “deliverable”, his press secretary said on Wednesday."
It's interesting. If he intends to lessen all problems we currently have he needs to increase taxation - if we want it we have to pay for it. Then comes what he can cut. They have cut so much in real terms over a number of years I doubt if there is much scope left - so inflation based increase may just not happen.

The FED have increased base rates by 0.75% and are saying more to come. Loads of moans but they reckon corporate profit levels are running too high. Seems they expect them to be about 12% and they are significantly higher. Then the usual wages clamped down and low.

BofE. Some want a 0.5% increase some a 0.75%. Seems we find out at 12 o'clock. i'd guess that we will finish up with a level relating to the latest mortgage rates over time. But guessing.
Sunak's answer to the migrant problem. 500 extra people by next March. Now if he had done this ages ago we wouldn't have current problems and may even have deported some.
Simple really. The decline in handling them is down to cuts.
Oh the £ has dropped again. USD gone up due to their interest rate hike. Maybe it's not that much of a drop but lowest level since Sunak.
(you really couldn't make this up, makes "Yes Minister" look serious.)

by Russ Jones - @RussInCheshire -
It's been a while, but for the masochists amongst you, here's the return of #TheWeekInTory
1. The PM said he’d done nothing wrong, and had therefore apologised to the Queen for doing it
2. He claimed he hadn’t broken rules because nobody had told him the rules, which he wrote
3. He said he’d have to wait for Sue Gray to tell him whether the gathering of people drinking booze from a suitcase and playing on his swing during a DJ set was a party
4. He claimed it had taken him 25 minutes to realise this might not be a business meeting
5. Dominic Cummings said he’d "swear under oath" Boris Johnson green-lit parties
6. Dominic Raab said there hadn’t been a party, and he should know, cos the party was in his honour
7. And then Johnson hid in the back of a car, a fridge presumably not being readily available
8. Downing St said it was untrue the PM was warned ahead of the party
9. Reports said Sue Gray had the email warning the PM ahead of the party
10. And Downing St staff told newspapers it was “inconceivable” a party could have happened without Johnson’s approval
11. In no way to change the topic, the govt launched Operation Red Meat, a dazzlingly successful exercise in limited and specific failure, which I present to you in the following sub-thread.
(Hey, you try writing this **** without it getting complicated!)
a. the govt tweeted it was talking to Ghana about making our migrants go there for processing
b. Ghana said this was complete *******s, and called Johnson's Operation Red Meat "Operation Dead Meat"
c. The govt deleted their Ghana tweet and pretended it didn't just happen
d. The govt said it was now entirely safe to lift Covid restrictions
e. Then the govt said we should excuse Johnson’s behaviour – he was distracted because his child was very ill with that "entirely safe" Covid, which your kids must now risk without masks, because FREEDOM
f. Boris Johnson's emotional comfort turbot, Michael Gove, said he would continue “levelling up the country”
g. Then the levelling-up fund for public transport was cut by 50%
h. So it’s all going terrifically well, but enough Red Meat - back to the main thread...

12. Playdoh nonentity Dominic Raab, said the Tory party was behind Johnson
13. Behind Johnson, David Davis stood up and told him to resign
14. And Christian Wakefield defected to Labour
15. And 5 other Tories are reported to be considering defecting
16. Govt whips were accused of blackmailing MPs into supporting Johnson
17. In a bold challenge to logic, the govt said they wouldn’t look for evidence of this unless they found evidence
18. 12 Tory MPs said it had happened to them
19. No, not that kind of evidence
20. MP Nusrat Ghani said she’d been sacked as a minister because she was told “Muslim women [made her] colleagues feel uncomfortable”
21. Chief Whip Mark Spencer tweeted he never used the words attributed to him
22. They hadn’t been attributed to him
23. He then deleted the tweet
24. Then he had what seemed to be a bit of a breakdown, and wrote the tweet again, this time denying any such event had ever happened
25. Then No10 said they had discussed the thing that didn’t happen with Nusrat Ghani in July
26. It was reported chief whip Mark Spencer spends most of his days inventing dazzlingly clever new insults for his colleagues-
27. The most Wildean examples include:
- Anthony Mangnall = Anthony ****nall
- Tom Tugendhat = Tom Tugentwat
28. Mark Spencer is 52 years old
29. It was suggested the Chief Whip might not be very good, compared to the previous occupant of the role
30. To put this into context, the previous guy was Gavin Williamson, a supernaturally incompetent lurching tower of wrong wearing the teeth of a starved horse
31. Even so, PMs suggested bringing Williamson back, which means a Staffordshire village will soon need to advertise for a new idiot, but at least we’d have a non-blackmailing Chief Whip
32. It was immediately reported Williamson had also engaged in blackmailing colleagues
33. As part of her ploy to replace Johnson, Liz Truss, ITV4 made flesh, claimed she’d resolve Brexit in a month, a prediction previously made by
- David Davis (2016)
- Theresa May (2017)
- Liam Fox (2018)
- Jacob Rees-Mogg (2019)
- Boris Johnson (2020)
- and Lord Frost (2021)
34. As part of Rishi Sunak’s ploy to replace Johnson, he said he would look after the finances and had "low tax dreams"
35. He then decided not to even bother chasing £4.3 billion of fraudulent Covid claims
36. And he introduced the highest taxes for 28 years
37. And AAAARGH!!
Apart from the above, Boris did okay.
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