ABS & Traction control warning lights staying on.

27 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi all.
I have a 2008 Mondeo Titanium estate Diesel & its not done it for a while but last week when the weather was bad I had to pull over on Motorway 3 times because I appeared to lose power. On the last occasion A recovery Truck pulled over to tow me off. He asked me what the issue was & if it would rev up to 3000 RPM which it did. He then said that it was probably just Salt stuck on the ABS Sensor & to just wash it off when I get a chance? I was able to carry on with my journey but I did feel that the power was low?
I put an hose pipe on the 4 Wheels the next day but the warning lights are still on 5 days later.
The Car is running fine but I am a little worried.
So can anyone add any advice on what to do. Could it just be Salt or is it more like a Fuel pump issue?
Your thoughts please.

Kind regards.

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I’d put a very firm bet on a faulty ABS sensor or the corresponding reluctor ring on the driveshafts or wheel bearings ( if on the back).
As the ABS is now not operating, the car is in safety mode, reducing the power of the engine.
The problem is, which wheel is at fault....the car needs to go to a garage with the appropriate diagnostic equipment to prevent guesswork. Most garages have this gear now.
John :)
Those warnings probably need clearing and resetting. (Aldi have a ODB2 reader reseter on offer at the mo).
With poor performance it does sound like the Traction Control is applying the brakes permanently. You could pull the fuse that protects the ABS pump and see if that makes a difference.
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Thanks for your help guys I will take it into the Garage & let them sort it!