Add electric heater to towel rail in zone 2

5 Oct 2019
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United Kingdom

I'm having my hot water system changed and the heated towel rail will now only operate when the CH is on, so I need to add an electric element to dry the towels when only the hot water system is on.

Can you let me know whether this work is notifiable?

The towel rail is in zone 2. The wall it's mounted on backs on to an airing cupboard where there is now a spare socket due to a no longer required shower pump. The socket is on a properly protected circuit (rewire in 2019). The immersion heater is also being removed from that circuit, so there's definitely capacity on it. If I add a fused spur in the airing cupboard on the wall behind the towel rail and drill a hole through, is it notifiable? My understanding is that adding the fused spur is not, but I'm not sure if it becomes notifiable because it connects to an appliance in zone 2 and/or it's notifiable because of the new installation of a heating element in zone 2, despite the connection not being made in the bathroom.

Thanks in advance.
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You have not given location, it is notifiable in Wales, not sure about England, but I think also notifiable, Scotland not a clue, neither any idea on Ulster. As to how many do notify is another thing, I got in trouble over a wet room, converting a pantry and toilet, seems I needed planning permission as change out use of room, I thought already a loo so not really a change of use.

Today it's hard to keep up, had problem again with new front door, but turned out the % glazed was under the limit. But for a scheme member electrician to notify costs so little he would notify anyway, only with DIY and minimum charge in Wales of £100 plus vat does anyone worry. So best if worried is look it up yourself.
Hi ericmark

Thanks for replying. I'm in England.

I think I'll install the element, feed the cable through the wall and into a new back box and then get an electrician in to actually add the spur and connect it.

Main reason for being in a hurry is the heating system is currently fully drained down and I can't imagine my regular electrician will be available before the new heating system is commissioned. Pretty sure he'd rather have a straightforward electrical job than be messing around draining down a CH system.

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