Advice on new petrol lawnmower

10 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom
Right... I have a Bosch electric Rotak 32 at the moment and it cant handle my lawn at all. It sometimes stops with short grass if its damp (which isnt good for me in scotland!). So do you think I would get better results with a petrol lawnmower? If so which one?
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Don't give electric gear a second glance, and go for a Honda Izy......simply nothing better! There's loads of cheaper Chinese mowers available from anywhere, but I wouldn't give them a second glance either.
If you can't stretch to Honda, Briggs and Stratton power is fine.
John :)
i would go for a second hand professional mower rather than a new domestic one. they are better quality, more robust, more serviceable and you'll get a better cut, better grass collection or mulching ability if thats what youre after.

briggs or honda powered etesia phe or pbe46 are pretty good prices and do everything a mower twice the price will do.

do not buy a rust bucket izy-go for a aluminium bodied hrh or hrd if funds allow. low end hondas have good engines but the bodies are crip and have flimsy handles and wheels which have the potential to drive you mad.

etesia, £800 new or £150-£200 used. plastic body, collects like a hoover, completely solid feel with proper wheels and adjusters that dont fall apart and a seriously good mower even if you like cutting in a heavy downpour.
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never had one with a suzuki engine but its easy enough to find a 6.5 hp briggs or honda that'll bolt straight on when you blow that one up.

i use them for work and i dont know a professional contract who doesnt use them.

even getting the grass box on and off is about 500 tines easier-one handed-than any other mower on the market.

lift the back slightly higher than the front and watch how the grass fills the box completely!

good choice!
Cheers, mate :LOL:

I'm guessing / hoping (delete where appropriate) that the motor has lasted around 10 years so should be good for a bit more.

Good advice for the front v rear - I'll give that a shot. It's mostly to cut a small hill at the back of the garden, so I'll be doing that without the grassbox (mulchy grass is better than 2ft tall grass!)

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