Aesthetics question on window reveals.

11 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
Hopefully pic will make it clear- bathroom window, reveals bottom, left and top but not right (the wall runs straight to the window).
I'm planning on tiling the walls and window reveals and sill, will be using quadrant trim for the external corners (wall to reveal).
Question- will it look weird if I have a full tile running from the window on the right (so no white grout line running into the quadrant trim round the other reveals) or will it look worse having a grout line on that side given that the quadrant trims are about 10-12mm wide & may look odd lined up with 5mm grout line
Tiles are taupe 330 x 250, will be tiling landscape.
Ta for any hints and tips as to what is 'normal' (it's my bathroom by the way not a paid job( IMG_20220410_124907095_HDR.jpg IMG_20220410_124915456_HDR.jpg
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Yeah, that's the trouble- I'm not sure which will look best. Might get busy on Photoshop later and mock it up :)
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Personally I would 100% run the full tile up the window, To my eye the extra cut/grout line would look very odd.
That's the bit I can't decide on- the other 3 reveals will obvs have the trim at the corner, will it look strange that the 4th side doesn't have a white line demarcing the window...
Been looking on Pinterest etc to see if any on there match-no luck so far. May end up mocking up cardboard tiles, not sure I can be ars*d doing a load of perspective work on Photoshop. Though might have a go on Autocad- that's got 3d drawing and imaging on it :) .
Well what type of tiles are they? If not e.g. rectified/coloured body then your extra cut on the 4th side could end up looking messy and out of place as you'll have a cut edge on a flat surface not on a corner and will not have a trim to disguise/hide it a bit.
They're taupe 330 x 250, see pic of one room I've done already (don't judge me on the right-hand sliver, it was a late change of plan :)IMG_20220411_134742624.jpg
. Yes point taken on the extra cut, I'd hide the cut edge at the window not in the field.

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