20 Jan 2018
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United Kingdom
Hi All,

I am considering updating my old Alarm system and had a few questions I was hoping some of you guys might be able to help with.

My current alarm system is a wired system with PIRs, bell and front door contact. It has a main panel and a wired keypad.

1) In upgrading it, I was hoping I could reuse the existing wiring for the PIRs - I assume this is possible and the wiring for PIRs has not changed in the last 30 years eg number of wires to be connected etc?

2) Also, will I be able to reuse the existing bell or will I need a new one but be able to use existing wiring ?

3) I am also assuming the front door contact needs to be a new one, compatible with the new alarm system ?

The new system should be able to support both wired and wireless as I would like to extend the current wired system with additional PIRs and door/window contacts. I don't want to run additional wires for these so would like the new sensors to be wireless.

OK, based on the above, I quite like the sound of the Pyronix Enforcer range. In particular its smartphone app so I can monitor the system when away and the option to add in compatible CCTV cameras.

4) Is there a specific Pyronix model that would do all the above ie mix wired with wireless and include Home Control app and extendable with CCTV ?

Worth noting I plan on replacing/installing the system myself. I do have some very old experience installing commercial alarm systems but have forgotten everything !

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Euro 46 app v10
You can re use all wiring ect.....but if the bellbox is 30 years old replace it
Thanks. Doesn’t look like they do the Euro 46 in a kit like the Enforcer.

I assume the wireless connection is an extra cost module ?
Yes , you could buy an enforcer kit add a wired expander, power supply, battery's as short as it's long
The 46 is the way to go... or look at texecom hybrid system as they do kits , how many hardwired devices do you have ?
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Not many wired.

4 PIRs, 1 door Contact and alarm bell

I won’t add any more wires than the above. The new devices would be wireless.
Cheapest option is a texecom with a keypad ( not live panel ) 4 onboard hardwired 2 on keypad plus wireless zones 8/32 ( 64 in total depending on panel )
Can't comment on new smart com as not had chance to play with one yet
Maybe a texecom KIT-001 take a look on alert electrical nearest to trade prices you will get
Thanks. I will take a look at the Texecom as well.

generally though, is the Pyronix or the Texcom the better system overall ?
For a one off system, they're both comparable in terms of features, reliability and pricing. We ususally install Galaxy at work, but I have a Premier Elite 48 at home and it has been a very reliable system.
WRT to Texecom the smart com is in its early days, the android app isn't available yet but is almost ready.

they recently did there first server update and that caused a few minor issues and the smart coms at the suppliers will need to be upgraded remotely once setup, as the smart coms have had there first firmware upgrade.

The process is enter engineers code into app and press an icon, so its easy enough to do.

That said I did have to power don my smart com after the server upgrade and back up again to get the connection established properly for the update. Its early days so we shall see.
One thing to note on alert electrical is that they don't respond to any requests to return faulty parts. Received a damaged cover and a faulty siren on two separate occasions. No response after multiple attempts. Just be aware of this. I gave up in the end.
who did you badger at alert, I don't use them and haven't for a long time due to similar issues, but once I got in touch with the right person things moved on.

That said that must be over 4 years ago now and haven't used them for anything since.
For a one off system, they're both comparable in terms of features, reliability and pricing. We ususally install Galaxy at work, but I have a Premier Elite 48 at home and it has been a very reliable system.

Does the Premier Elite range support Ricochet Wireless devices like PIRs and door contacts ?

Had a look on their website but there doesn't seem to be any mention of this on the Premier Elite pages

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