Anti vibration material suggestions for water tank!

2 Mar 2017
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United Kingdom
Hello, I have a loft water tank which supplies my showers with water, but whenever the ballcock refills the tank, which is sat on a wooden board which is in direct contact with the wooden ceiling frame, the vibrations from the tank pass through the wooden ceiling frame, and causes a very loud noise in my room!

I know that it's the vibrations causing the noise since I covered the water tank completely in soft fluffy material to attempt to stop the noise, but it did nothing!

So my plan is to bleed the tank and then put a vibration absorbing material under the tank, between the tank and the wood, so that it nulls most of the vibrations! Question is... what material? I thought rubber initially but then I found this material, Sorbothane. What material would be the best for this situation?

Any other suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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If the sound is being conducted directly through timberwork then fluffy material won't help; the fluffy material will help to absorb energy from sound waves travelling through air, but not through a solid medium. It's equivalent to convection and conduction in a heat transfer situation. Your approach of putting something under the tank is on the money.

You can get A4 sheets of the sorbothane (i.e. viscoelastic eurethane) off the 'net. People use them for putting under speakers and the likes, but it's expensive. Personally I'd chance a sheet of celotex or two sheets of ply with wool in between before shelling out for the magic rubber.
you just need a new, "part 2" ballcock.

These things get noisy when old and worn out, a new one will most likely cure the noise. If not, you can spend some more time and money. But start with the valve. They are so cheap it isn't worth trying to take them apart and repair. If you intend to stay in the house another 20 years, you can strip down the old one after replacing it, and keep it handy in the loft for the next time you need a replacement.

This one is very good

You can get others that might save you a pound or two that are not as good.
Ok I'll try that before buying the Sorbothane! Thanks, will report back with the results!
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If a new ballvalve does not cure the problem heat the arm with a blowlamp and bend it about 45 deg to the side, this usually cures any vibration
I didn't describe the vibration, here it is: the vibration is a constant vibration which sounds like the water rushing through the valve and is very loud! Just wanted to put that out there in case anyway was thinking of a different type of vibration! Should I still try to fit the new Part 2 ballcock? Thanks again.

If the noise is constant, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, then the tank is constantly trying to refill, perhaps due to a leak or because the float is set wrong and it is overflowing, or the valve is so worn out that it never closes.

The valve ought only to run during and after using a tap.

Change the valve.
change the ballcock.

Don't come back until you've done it.
Well I listened to it - but the noise made me want to urinate :unsure:. maybe one of the new plumbers posting on the forum will be able to offer an in depth diagnosis - might involve a lot of questions being asked ? I'm sure the effort will be vinndicated in the end.

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