Anybody able to assist me as i have learning difficulties please

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are you running your own server?

in that case, this is what I did to mine (server running on raspberry Pi)
note that I am using nginx server as I found it easier than Apache server

so as I understand this option must be enabled on the web server's config file
(was a bit hit and miss to me as I am not involved with web sites and only found that info online)
Hmmm how do i answer that ??
I use Godaddy for the host & i upload files via Filezilla.

Does that answer your question,sorry ??
I got it, you are using hosting on other server, via an online Control Panel (aka cPanel)
I bet there is an option there.
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I see whats about... going to http:// displays a message to me that wants to open that page as "application/x-httpd-php"
from my experience looks like mis-configured php , eg php files should not be exposed.
So obviously when i do it it downloads as its my pc.
Can you go to my home page as the link i sent and send me a screen shot so i can then continue to look for a fix
when I type just the the browser wants to save the file:

ough, the previous error was when I tried to open the full url + index.html
trying to open just the url (without entering the index.html) displays this:


seems is going to open a php file eg index.php ?
Ive deleted the htaccess file so at least it works to a fashion on HTTP
I will start to see if i can find this file.
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