Anyone ever seen a square pull cord light switch?

23 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
I may get more abuse than answer for OCD like tendancies but here goes...

I have an electric shower pull cord and standard light switch pull cord right next to each other in the bathroom. I realise it is odd but i would like to make it a bit more symeterical as a circular mounting box and square one beside each other looks terrible.

Basically i would like to know has anyone ever come across a square standard pull cord operated light switch that will match my shower isolation switch? If so could you point me in that direction?

Cheers :oops:
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Don't remember seeing one but you can just get another shower switch and use that to switch your light. Its overkill for what you need and unconventional but it will work, just make sure you get one without a neon as its likely the wiring at the light switch wont have a neutral which will render the neon useless.

It is a little OCD but its your house at the end of the day ;)
Plan C - buy another light switch and use it to trigger a contactor to work the shower.
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Plan D - replace both switches with proximity detectors concealed behind a couple of tiles, again working contactors.
Plan E - get rid of all switches, have a concealed microphone connected to a PC running voice recognition software so that you can issue verbal commands for lights on, shower on etc.
Havent seen a round shower switch for years, do they still exist then? Last time i saw them they only went up to 30amps.
Plan E - get rid of all switches, have a concealed microphone connected to a PC running voice recognition software so that you can issue verbal commands for lights on, shower on etc.

oo, oo can I do that so I can be like Captain Picard

.....make it so
Plan C (contactor) is quite attractive if you really want a pullcord switch, given the way that 6 or 10 sq. mm. cables in the back of the average 45A ceiling switch are a tight fit, to say the least. Keeping the heavy wiring in a separate box which can be made a decent size makes things much easier.

MK do pullswitches with matching plain & neon bases, so you could have a matched pair of ceiling switches, if you're happy for them to both be round types:



Ashley make a 3 pole fan pull switch which is square and fits on a single patress (back box).

Their shower switch (50 amp) should look similar.

Both can be fitted on 47 mm single patresses.

The main problem here would be the 'fan' logo printed on this pull switch which could be VERY misleading during routine maintenance but could possibly be removed.

Google both the Ashley pull switches, they look very similar.
I had the same requirement (or compulsion :D) as the OP, found this thread and picked up 2-off Ashley 10A fan switches (quite cheaply from eBay) as suggested.

I found that, with care, the black fan and double circle markings can be polished off. I used Cerium Oxide polishing powder, which I happened to have laying around. It's done the trick very nicely indeed, leaving a polished surface that shows no sign of having ever been marked up in the first place.

Again on eBay, there are loads of dual pattresses that will take the two single switches, rather than having to compromise with 2-off single pattresses.

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Or, even better, two metal boxes joined together so they sit flush with the ceiling.

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