Aquilisa shower head drip

22 Jan 2013
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United Kingdom
I have an Aquilisa thermostatic 690? shower which is dripping from the shower head. I understand that this is probably the cartridge that needs replacing.
I am assuming that the control knob is just a pull off job but not sure and I dont want to damage it. I have seen a diagram but no removal instruction to get to the screws for removal of the cartridge.
I need also to see if it is a grey or pink cartridge as I was not asked at the time of purchase whether it was for a combi / condensing boiler or mains/gravity. I have tried to ease it off but its being a bit stubbourne if it does pull off.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Take it you mean a 609 they don't make a 690.

Remove the aqualisa badge and you'll see a screw.
You are correct, 609 it is. I have taken the thing apart and can see nothing wrong with the cartridge that would make it leak. Could it just be in need of a new O ring at the back. Aquilsa told me that once it drips you have to replace the cartridge, thats fine if that is the case but like most I hate being conned into £80 odd quid if it only needs an O ring. Everything else is fine i.e. temp, & pressure. Having said all this I am not a plumber but i'm not an idiot with repairs of most kinds either. Its my nosey nature. :D

Thanks for your help to date and would appreciate your opinion on my O ring theory please.
I have a gainsborough ambassador shower that used these aqualisa cartridges which was dripping as yours is. If you can get hold of an O ring then it would be worth a try but I couldn't find one for mine and there was nothing on removal of the old one to have caused the dripping. The replacement cartridge I bought, which came with new O rings, started dripping after 2 weeks and I got it replaced and has been fine since. To be honest, you would probably be better off spending the £80 towards a new shower. I replaced mine which was a grey one and needed to be a pink one and also had no flow regulator. With the correct parts now installed it is still not like new and I could probably got a better result from a new shower. But each situation is different. Check your O rings first but if you can't see any obvious damage, I would opt for replacement of the shower. Good Luck :unsure:
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I have found on quite a few showers, that a simple strip down and re-assemble using silicon grease can fix these issues you could narrow down perhaps by turning off the hot feed to see if it is this or the cold feed (one at a time) you can then concentrate your efforts on that side. Remember it does not need to be very tight on many of these showers just nipped up is normally enough.

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