Are parking wardens exempt from parking regulations.....

27 Feb 2017
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United Kingdom the course of their duty?

We have some over-zealous parking wardens round near where I work and I’ve had a few run-ins with with them when swapping cars around that don’t have a residents parking permit. Motorcycles are exempt and can be parked in residents parking bays. Today, on my way home, I saw one of them ticketing a car that didn’t have a residents parking permit but the thing was, the warden who could have easily parked legally, parked illegally on double yellows to issue a ticket for an illegally parked car! Can they do this? I took a photo but he just laughed at me. Is it worth reporting him? Should he be issued with a ticket? Interested in your views.

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I think you would be a bit fed up if he was taking up a parking space when you were looking for one.
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Is he insured for business use too?

Very good question and somehow I doubt it.

There's one I see all the time around B'ham and he'll park on zig-zags so he can go and dish out tickets.

If it is the case they can pull up on double yellows to carry out their 'duty', I don't believe that extends to an area most others would get points for.
Never seen one without L plates - they’re all learners and no higher on the scale than Pizza delivery drivers!
You used to see a lot of PCSOs on L-plated Mp3 scooters in London, though I believe the newer bigger model can be ridden on a car license.
depends on bike size.
a moped can be ridden w/o further training or L plates if you passed your car driving test before 2001.
a moped can be ridden after a CBT for two years, on L plates by anyone else, you have 2 years to pass, or do another CBT ( and maybe another provisional?)
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