Are there any experts on Vaillant controls in the Forum?

22 Sep 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi Need some help please,

Can anyone tell me whether Vaillant controls can be used for a zoned system? or which controls are best

I have 8 zones going back to a manifold, a 637 boiler and 310 unistor tank.

Some advice would be really appreciated
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The externals controls have nothing to do with the boiler, other than turning it on/off.
tnx doitall, so do the external controls open and close the valves on the manifold ? are they connected directly to electric actuators or a control box first? and if so would the Vaillant 360 and vr65 controls do for this? Cant get through to Vaillant on the phone!
I don't think the VR 65 would be suitable.

D Hailsham will be on later.

Can you list what components you have.
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Thanks for that,

I havnt bought anything yet so I change things, i just need to ensure I order the right parts, so far:

Ecotec plus system boiler 637
Unistor cylinder 310 ltr
3 Zones will have Thermaskirt rads
3 Zones will have ordinary rads
2 zones will have towel rads (Bathrooms)

My plumber has brought pipe from each zone back to the boiler location and the electicion has brought 230v and ebus cable form each zone back to boiler location
You can't use Vaillant controls for zonal system. Your ebus cables will be next to useless. You need to wire it as a normal zoned system with MVs and generic roomstats/programmers.
You can't use Vaillant controls for zonal system. Your ebus cables will be next to useless. You need to wire it as a normal zoned system with MVs and generic roomstats/programmers.

Sorry to hijack, but can the VR61 mixer module only be used with 2 zone systems?
you will need to use a wiring centre with numerous connections, all the orange wires from the zone valves need to connect to the boilers switched live all the browns need to be wired from the stats individually to a zone valve. greys all together (permanent lives)
a good time clock set up for 8 zones would be 2 x Horstmann H47's (4 zones each)
Hi the house is 3400 sqft with a further 600 upstairs, im only doing half the house at the minute 8 zones. As many of the rooms wont be occupied I was using zoned heating to reduce the heating output. Some of the rooms will have other sources of heat, for instance the kitchen living room is open plan and will have and aga, open fire, rads and underfloor electric. The ceilings are about 17 ft high. In the bedrooms however we will just use the thermaskirt. The ceiling are normal height here.

Do you think I am over complicating it? what would you reccomend?
have a look into vaillants commercial controls which will better suit your needs. items to check are VRC630,VR90,VRC693.

The main diffrence will be your hydrolic layout,you'll need to look into a more commercial zone setup using things such as coster valves.(ideal for vaillant controls due to 120sec movement)

It's that pic again.

You say all the pipes are run back to the boiler, in which case a simple header with time control, and a room stat on each zone.

An alternative, more expensive but better, would be to have a control panel made up, whereas you can select what zones you want on. It would also make wiring a lot easier, as you'll need several relays etc.


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