Are these just an adapter

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no, I had the a similar item and with the correct software , you could often recover files
it just enables the hard drive to be removed from a pc/laptop and connected as an external drive
Mine did not come from Ebay - trying to remember - purchased around 2009 ish, not used for at least 7years now
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But you would not load recovery software on to that item would you it would be on the receiving device. The reason I ask is that I have an old PC that won't fire up for some reason but I can remove the hard drive and fit it into an external hard drive holder with which I could then transfer the data to another device PC. laptop etc but corrupted files, and I know there are some, could only be found with recovery software on the receiving device. If that is not the case can you tell me which software you refer to that I could get so that I could use one of those things. Thanks
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no - the software will be on the PC you connect the USB to
sometimes just connecting the harddrive up will allow you to copy any files off
BUT it was a long time ago as i said
not used for at least 7years now
just at the start of windows 10 , i used mainly on windows 7 and did not rate windows 8 very highly - so most of the issues where from XP , VISTA or windows 7 PC , and i didnt get involvved much with OSX back then
back then
and software has changed a lot over that time - rather than just do a google search i will let other more upto date members answer
I also paid for it , as i was doing quite a bit of support back then
If you connect via usb adaptor you should be able to see all files , data recovery software should not be required .
If you connect via usb adaptor you should be able to see all files , data recovery software should not be required .
I would have thought you might see the file name at best but would not be able to open them if they are corrupted. I also thought recovery software could get back deleted files.
yes, that has been my experiance when used on 20+ different HDD's , that had problems, and i think i only needed the software in a couple of occasions , in the majority of cases i was able to COPY all the data files off the HDD , and then provide a USB copy to the owner of the laptop/PC that would not boot
So they had all the data recovered and able to use on the NEW PC/laptop, as in most cases the hardware was very old and time to be replaced anyway.
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