dewalt flexivolt and battery adapter

12 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom
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I've the same saw with the stand, nice bit of kit ba I find it will run all day on one battery. Also it gives you a cutting line which is hard to see if you outside in the sun but if inside another godsend
have loads off old dewalt tools so have bought a slider with 2 x5ah new batteries ... -Bare-Unit
plus a dewalt adapter ... SwTzlZhpua
does anyone know if the adapter is compatable with flexivolt stuff

Correct me if I'm wrong but your trying to adapt the wrong way, you say you have loads of old dewalt gear so presumably its the XRP stuff, are you trying to adapt the saw to accept XRP batteries? The adaptor only converts old XRP tools to be able to use the newer XR batteries not XR tools to be able to use XRP batteries. The saw is good but you won't be able to use your XRP batteries with it, unless the adaptor is to use your new batteries in your old tools, that way it works.

The flexvolt battery will power any 18v tool as I'm sure you know, It attaches the same way so I see no reason why a flexvolt wouldn't slide onto your adaptor.

I have the middle brother of yours the DCS777, excellent bit of kit, the shadow cutting line works well too
Links in this post may contain affiliate links for which DIYnot may be compensated.
as i know the flexivolt and lion batts are interchangable i am after another couple off batteries but nothing in the 18v lion series i need
so was trying to boost my flexibility to a battery powered table saw
but i didnt want to get just another uncompatible system
so checking the two sorts off new batteries will power all three tool generations
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With that adaptor you can power your old xrp tools with the newer xr batteries, the adaptor will accept 18v xr and the 18/54v flexvolt batteries as the slide mechanism is the same between the two, the table and mitre saw are both xr anyway
You'll be able to power that saw with the adaptor and a flex volt battery but only at its nominal 18v.
thanks for your replies
yes i fully understand how the flexivolt work as in 2 contacts all 3 18vx2ah battery groups in parallel giving 18v 6ah
or other contacts all 3 groups in series giving 54v 2ah
so fully understand in theory it should work but want to make sure before investing in another battery set:rolleyes:
although having said that if/when they bring out a router rather than a lam trimmer i may just relent anyway :D
Both saws are XR though and will only accept XR batteries, the adaptor would not be for the saws, it won't fit anyway

If they're both XR the Flexvolt batteries will fit anyway.
i am thinking more electronic protection or physical additions
for example the adapter wont fit in any dewalt charger correctly so any charger the adapter will fit in should not charge any battery in the adapter in the same way the old xrp batts will only fit in a xrp i-ion charger and no older versions
looks like the option i have is
try it in a battery and see if it works or carry on with further 5ah batts
Good point BA, a nicad charger wont charge lithium batteries, yes the adaptor will fit your old xrp charger but it needs to be a lithium compatible charger as the adaptor will have a lithium battery strapped to it, when I bought my/the very first lithium dewalt drill/impact combo the 'nano' the shop said although it was still an xrp fitment don't get your chargers mixed up, the nano charger would charge the batteries it came with i.e. the lithium and it would also charge the nicads too as it was multi chemistry BUT the nicad chargers for my other tools which I had plenty of will not charge the lithium as they were only dual chemistey, was told to mark the chargers as nicad only and lithium/nicad

Don't know which you have but the DE9135 is the multi chemistry charger that is ok with 7.2V - 18V NiCd/NiMH/Li-Ion batteries and the DE9116 is only for 7.2V - 18V NiCd/NiMH batteries

So if your lucky enough to have a 9135 XRP style charger it will accept your adaptor with a XR lithium strapped to it

If you only have the 9116 although still XRP and the adaptor will fit and with a lithium battery on it but the charger will not charge the battery as your asking a nicad charger to charge a lithium battery

You will need to invest in a dedicated xr charger I'm affraid or certainly ask a reputable dewalt outlet first

Give these guys a call, i use them for all my dewalt stuff, always got offers on, every time I order something from them I always seem to get something for free as there's an offer on, extra 5ah battery, tool bag, tough system box once, diamond discs, impact bits, dead helpful and got a cracking funny facebook page and sure to answer any questions, think they price match as well
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funny enough the adapter will not fit in any charger slide on or plug in it has additional tabs to prevent full insertion
ok quick update the ears on the adapter are to prevent it being connected to a flexivolt battery
the chinease version does not have these to can [wrongly]be connected to flexivolt batteries
Bet that's to do with drawing lots of amps through it, the Chinese copies supposedly get very hot
to be honest the old xp tools the adapter is for seldom went above 400w where as modern brushless can be around 700w

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