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24 Oct 2016
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United Kingdom
I intend to employ an electrician to do the wiring to avoid problems with part p but wish to bury a 16mm swa cable between the house and new workshop beforehand to then power it up. I can get this to emerge above ground at the external wall behind the supply with some effort. My problem is I have solid floors and reinforced no fines concrete walls that are a pig to drill. At best I'm only likely to manage to achieve a horizontal hole. I therefore suspect it will be imposible to pass the cable through the hole without leaving a large loop in the cable projecting from the wall. My question is would an electrician be able to pass a 16mm twin and earth through the wall and connect this to an external junction box to achieve the desired 90 degree angle through the wall then down the outside wall that complies with the regs?
Thank you
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I think that's 23mm OD?

Surely you can drill through then slice the wall with a diamond disc so that the cable is buried in the wall to make the turn?
Hi Roger
Thanks for getting back to me.
It is a possibility but I'd like to keep it neat and tidy. Carving a slice into the wall isn't a job I fancy. I would have to cut above and below the hole to get any depth and suspect I'd need a fairly large steel saw. I'm not sure of the diameter of the cable yet or what sort of radius it will bend through. A junction box just seems a lot easier if it can be done.
You need to employ the electrician now so that he can advise you.

Take the swa inside.
The hole through the wall doesn't have to be horizontal, creating a right angle bend.
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I just did my workshop swa. It's only 10mm.(20mm o.d)
I used the 28mm sds then got a cold chisel to allow the bend into the wall to take the curve. Once my sparks connects the ends I'll make good the hole.
And yes, you can take 16mm² T&E through the wall into a suitable box and terminate the T&E and the SWA there.
Yes I think I'd be taking the t&e through the wall and just using SWA where it's needed. No point giving yourself that much stress!

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