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the council, the worst people for it. A 3 stage airlock is formed using the door to a room. If the work is to be done outside precautions must also be taken. It is illegal to remove any asbestos no matter how small. Even artex has asbestos in it and people thinking of removing artex are paying big money as it must be removed using stage airlock procedure. Again it costs us millions a year to remain registered. If you remove asbestos knowing it is you can go to prison. A chemist needs to test all jobs no matter how small. Asbestos sticks to your lungs like needles with hooks on them, They will soon as develop into a ball and grow untill you cant breathe, It is reported it is a very painfull death.

Insurance companies are refusing to pay out now and people infected are going to lose a fortune. Dont trust the council there the worst people for cutting corners.
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Are asbestos roofing sheet you can buy today,are they safe ?
they cant be asbestos sheets, they will be superlux. asbestos is now illegal. Superlux looks the same but its safe!
Thanks for that,

I have a precast slab workshop at the back of my garden from 1981,would you think the roof sheet is asbestos then ? or do you know when it was illegal ? My roof is sagging in the middle and I need to replace with a difference type of roof.
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masona i would put my life on it its asbestos. why not take a small sample. call a chemist out, look under asbestos in the yellow pages for an analyst. ask him to come and do a sample. if its asbestos it wont cost that much to remove. it its not then your fine to tear it down.
I have just tiled over some old floor tiles some of which were broken and I believe they may be the floor tiles mentioned earlier that contain asbestos.

now I handled some of these broken ones so would that mean dangerous exposure for me?

Also I have an asbestos flue will this be a health risk even if it remains untouched?
Asbestos cement sheeting is commonly found as grey corrugated or flat sheets. It is thin and brittle and produces a clean edge when broken. It contains a small amount of asbestos encapsulated within cement, which, in good condition, does not normally present a health risk.

Asbestos fibres are released when cement sheeting is broken or drilled, sawn, scrubbed or sanded. The fibres can then become airborne where they can easily be inhaled and cause lung damage. Asbestos fibres are known to cause a cancer that is terminal in all cases.

Please remember that any work on asbestos cement garages may generate airborne asbestos fibres. The following precautions are given in good faith but all operations with asbestos are undertaken at the individual's own risk.

Asbestos cement can be safely removed by remembering these basic rules:-

1. Prepare the work area - remove any unnecessary items, cover the floor and surfaces with disposable polythene sheeting. Not req if outside.

2. Wear protective clothing- disposable overall with hood, disposable paper face mask (for use with asbestos) and rubber or disposable gloves.

3. Damp down - use a plant sprayer or hosepipe but don't soak the area as this will make cleaning up more difficult.

4. Remove the asbestos without breaking it up, wrap in polythene sheeting or bags and seal with tape.

5. Visually inspect the area and clear up any debris by hand.

6. Pick up polythene sheeting and remove protective clothing and dispose of both as asbestos waste.

7. Wash hands and face after the job is completed.

8. Contact local authority for authorized disposal sites.
boxster said:
It is illegal to remove any asbestos no matter how small. If you remove asbestos knowing it is you can go to prison

It is NOT illegal to remove an Asbestos Cement Garage, and you will NOT go to prison if you do so.
hahahah! removing asbestos is illegal, my god.... you need to get your facts right, My company removes asbestos dont you think i should know. TELL you what, you go ahead a remove it if you want...

The council are now banned from pulling out kichen sinks and the pad has been found to contain asbestos, if you remove it no MATTER how small you at risk......

but hey what the hell go for it! if you wanna remove it, do it, i dont care!
Of course you dont. Your in the trade.


Reviewed this subject at lenth, two weeks ago at the Depatment Of Eviroments Web Also Vast amount of Gov Webs say Same.
if someone told you to jump off a bridge would you?

if you wanna remove asbestos do it... we go on courses all the time and they drum it into us PUBLIC CANT REMOVE ASBESTOS. i dont give a dam what some article says, I CHARGE FOR REMOVING IT SAFELY. if you want to pay 8 million a year like me, DO IT!

when it comes to asbestos dont take a chance. you dont even know its about to attach to your lungs like a hook, and start growing and growing untill it slowly destroys your body bit by bit. It is the most painfull way to die, so hey enjoy yourself! go strip some lagging for me i will pay you! :LOL:
Once again Boxster, you keep going on about Asbestos in the general sense, what was being discussed is ASBESTOS CEMENT (Encapsulated Asbestos) NOT Insulation or any other types.

In all the forums I visit I've never met anyone with such a high opinion of himself as you. Just remember your not God's gift to the construction industry and never will be. :rolleyes:

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