astra van passenger seat wont fold down

19 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
ive got an astra van and have been told the cables snapped or has come loose in the back of the passenger seat so the lever isent unlocking the seat can anyone explain how to get the cover off the seat and fix it? or is it best to go to the scrapyard and try and find a new seat?
cheers for any replies i may get
steve spread
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I think its worth giving it a go - nothing to lose, anyway if you don't mind replacing it!
Unbolt the seat from the floor, observing any electrical connections that could be underneath and get it on a bench.
Normally the seat fabric is held on by spring clips and undoing stitching etc isn't necessary. Folding faults are usually in the base section and often its easier to turn the seat upside down for access.
Any fault should be obvious - like cable failure, but a good squirt of WD40 is a good move - cover all of the pivot mechanism.
Good luck with it - I've done a few Peugeots and Fords but no Astra's.....!
John :)
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