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25 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Need to check I am not being dim - I have had a Todays Tools TT Professional 1/2"-3/4" Tap Back Nut & 15-22mm Compression Fitting Set lying around for ages (one of those things that someone else was clearing out and I thought might be useful someday), however, when it comes to changing out an already fitted tap (with pipes in place, etc) it doesn't seem to have the correct fittings to loosen the backnut already on the basin (there are two included, one too small and one too large...)

Am I being dim? Surely if the kit is made for this purpose it should fit? Is there an adjustable version of these that I can get to avoid future pain?

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As you can tell, I’ve not done this before - moving the pipework surely makes this a bit trickier, as opposed to just leaving things where they are and switching taps? Clearly I have much to learn...
All you are doing is gently easing the pipework out of the way enough just so you can get the tool onto the back nut to loosen it, you're not actually 'moving' the pipework anywhere, if you see what I mean.

You have to loosen the hot and cold supply pipes off the taps to then remove the nut and then lift the tap out.
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Thanks again - it’s a downstairs toilet basin and there’s not masses of room to move things around, not problem loosening off the tap, etc. it’s just if it can be eased out enough to fit in the box spanner...

Will reattempt later and update
Normally you should only need to move the pipe a couple of cm's to get it out the way enough to get the tools in, is it a pedestal basin? Move the pedestal out the way carefully, if you can.
Sadly I’ve looked at this again, and there’s very little flex in the pipes to get the box spanner on - I can see how you would have used it prior to the pipes being installed, but currently there's not enough flex to get things in.

Not sure if this is because it was a new build and they've gone for the quickest option when installing, but not really comfortable in forcing the pipes any more than I already have done! Sadly there's very little pipe visible before they go into the wall/sink.

Would something like this not work? Relatively cheap...
Yes it would but you still have to get the supply pipe connection of of he tap to then loosen the backnut and lift the tap clear. Again though, you still have space constraints.

Take a pic of the area and post it here to let us see the setup as you should have enough play in the pipe to move it out the way enough, even if it's just a little.
Thanks - will take a picture and post, it's just this one sink that's the problem - any other sink in the house has suitable access, this one has a selection of 90 degree connections and then disappears into the wall... it may also be that I don't want to massively force the pipes for fear of causing a much worse disaster than a noisy tap...

For the gap, I can disconnect the supply pipe connection, but then there's not quite enough clearance to slot the box spanner in-between the two - which is why I thought the tool I linked to may be another option as I'd not have to get anything between that tight gap, and would be able to loosen both.

Thanks again
Would something like this not work? Relatively cheap...

It might if you have the room to turn it, one of these will definitely do it.

Monument 2 Jaw Adjustable Basin Wrench 290mm.PNG

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