Bath waste with overflow filler

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Only every fitted one or two, but I though some had a side entrance for the (existing) overflow pipe to push/screw into.
And screw thread below for the U bend.

Not recomending this one over others, but I think this is showing what I was suggesting (ie keeping overflow/filler in place and replacing only the waste. .

Ok ,the links in your original post are vastly different ,SFK .
The ones above would do ,as long as the overflow pipe is compatible size ,unfortunatly they are not an industry standard size. Cheers.
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It's a bath filler Andy

Luckily on the existing one, the inlet drops straight down and then comes to the front of the bath where it connects to the mains water. That McAlpine one I posted has a flexible hose pre-connected so that bit I'm not worried about as would just replace that bit of copper and connect the hose.
It's going to be really awkward to replace the lot ,especially with the tiles raising up.
SFK ' s idea of just changing the waste
Fitting / plug assembly to one that has a compatible inlet for the overflow pipe,
And leave the existing filler/ overflow inlet and pipe in position ,is worth exploring. That would be a lot easier to fit.
I've formed the opinion that pop-up wastes always go wrong.

Current generation here is Bristan clickers (clackers?)

Where you push on the mushroom.
No. It's click-clack style.
Can you show a pic of what's broken ?
You are describing two different things.
Pop up and click clack ??
If it's the latter you may be able to just renew the top bit
Can you show a pic of what's broken ?
You are describing two different things.
Pop up and click clack ??
If it's the latter you may be able to just renew the top bit

Yeah sorry, I always get them mixed up!

Popup is the one you described earlier where something controls the position (twisting the overflow or pushing/pulling a pin) and click-clack is where you directly press the mushroom bit. I have the latter; there is a spring loaded male based pin in the waste part which screws into the (female) mushroom part. The male spring loaded bit has snapped inside the waste housing. Will take a pic later.
I'll have a look at that, see if I can get the current one out
IMG_20200505_182429122.jpg Have you checked its not a serviceable from above waste where one can remove the innards including the popup mechanism ?
Nope, definitely not serviceable from above! The whole thing is brass. And definitely had it as the spring is rusted and so snapped in half.

Took some pics of behind and underneath. I reckon once I take all the pipework out of the way underneath I'll be able to get close enough for a complete replacement, as long as the overflow is secured all from the front.

IMG_20200505_171952.jpg IMG_20200505_165100.jpg IMG_20200505_165215.jpg

Clearance between floor and bath is 120-125mm.

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