Bathroom Installation Issues: am I being an unreasonable client?

18 Jun 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi All

I thought I'd ask some tradesman whether I'm being an unreasonable client!

I've had a new boiler, rads and bathroom fitted. Bathroom quality is mixed.

What do you think of the points I've raised below? Is it work you would be happy with?


Tim advised us on the installation and organised the fitter Ian.

Tim said they couldn't do the LVT floor so we lined up a separate installer.

Later, whilst both were at the house, Ian the fitter said he could do it. Tim asked if that was ok and I said yes.

The floor installation wasn't good and Tim says is it between me and the fitter as it wasn't in the original written contract - I'm doubtful of how that will stand up but let's leave that there.


Hi [redacted]

I spotted a few more things when I was going round - here's the full list

Let me know if I have misunderstood anything
  1. bath panel wall - to me the edge looks like it might have been cut as it is uneven (see here). I was going to ask the suppliers how it comes on Monday as you thought it may have arrived like that. Their model of the bath shows it without the gap (see here) but this may not be accurate.
  2. bath panel top - I'll also ask them if the panel should stick out at the curve rather than being flush with the top (see here vs here). I wasn't sure if you knew?
  3. bath cold tap - I turned off the mains and the cold tap still feels rough so it isn't due to increased pressure of the cold water vs the hot.
  4. split shower top - (see here)
  5. boiler wiring - as discussed (see here)
  6. LVT floor - as discussed (see here)
  7. tile cut short - minor (see here)
  8. boxing - minor (see here)
  9. sub floor - the sub floor stops a full 3 cm short all away along the wall behind the door (see here). I would expect the subfloor to reach the wall and certainly not leave a 3cm gap all the way along.
The boiler and shower are good and I thought both you and Tim were very polite and professional.

There were a couple of things I was happy to be flexible with, like the fact our scrap copper was taken away and that we were without heating for a number of days in part because Glenn wanted to finish another job.

I was disappointed when you implied that the work would have been delayed whilst you were waiting for the flooring installation as I thought I had been quite considerate with the working practices mentioned before. Also I do not think it would have caused a delay as we had someone ready for the installation.

Feel free to give me a call if needed


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The boiler wiring is potentially dangerous and in no way complies with BS7671, it should not be drapped over central heating pipes in that manner, especially as close to the boiler as it appears to be. Over time the sheath and insulation could be significantly affected to the point where the cable shorts out onto your heating pipes. There is no reason to have done what they have other than shear laziness, the cable should be rerun so it is protected from any damage perhaps in abit of d-line trunking so it doesn't look so terrible. Does this cable go straight into the boiler or is there a switch first?
OMG......I'm no install expert....but that is "a bit gash" they say.
Maybe if they push the panel in the gap against the wall will close up...but then again :unsure: it's bad workmanship throughout
Maybe if they push the panel in the gap against the wall will close up...but then again :unsure: it's bad workmanship throughout

That was my thinking. Where the panel looks proud of the bath, it's roughly the difference at the gap between the wall and the end.

The job is pretty rough. The boxing in got me.
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