Bay windows issues, cost?

4 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
I'm after an approx cost of some work that was brought up in the survey on house I'm in the process of buying. One of the things picked up was that the bay window has fallen forward slightly (75mm top), which has also resulted in some gaps around the windows.
He's suggested fitting metal straps to the top of the columns and helical ties are used on the bricks.
It's a 2 story bay in a old Victorian house, built 1870.
Any ideas on how much this would cost?

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Ask whoever did the survey to cost the work that he is recommending.
But if it's fallen forward, what has been done about underpinning the front of the bay
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Thanks for your responses. He didn't mention any issues with the foundations so hopefully they are ok. I'm going to get someone to have a look and quote to get an exact cost, seems like there there is too much risk otherwise.
. He didn't mention any issues with the foundations so hopefully they are ok. .

I would be surprised if they are, that's the usual reason that bays fall away, most are built on their own foundations which move differently to those of the main house.
The reason they're not mentioned is because he hasn't seen them
If this is indeed a concern, then why not post pics showing a side view - & if possible a view from above showing the bay roof?
Did you notice any irregularities or cracks inside the bay/house?
Did you glance at any similar constructions on neighbour's bays?
Not too bad really, had a quote for this and some other brickwork and came in at £625 plus scaffolding. Shame some of the other issues I asked him to look at were worse than expected, there was long list of things that I knew needed to be done, and it keeps getting longer.
Well, I for one, am no wiser as to what was actually happening to the bay, & what exactly is going to be done for £625.
Is the "long list of things" to be done included in the £625 or is that list separate?

FWIW: there are probably other DIY'ers, like yourself, who will be following this thread & looking for info for their similar issues.
No problem. The issue was caused by a slight roof spread pushing the top of the bay columns out slightly and it was suggested that action to be taken to prevent this getting any worse.

Taken from the quote:-
- install a Helifix crack stitching system.
- Rake out the every 3rd horizontal mortar bed to 30mm at the areas of the cracks and a minimum of
500mm each side of the cracks.
- Clean out debris from the raked beds with compressed air and treat with HeliPrimer.
- Install Helibond grout to the rear of the raked beds to requirements.
- Install 6mm stainless steel helical bars to be a minimum of 500mm each side of the cracks.
- Install second Helibond grout to finish 10~15mm below the brick face.
- Re-point the mortar beds and make good.
- To install "L" BAT straps type M305 at approximately 500mm centres fixed to the roof frame.

The only pic i have that shows it is from the survey, hopefully its uploaded ok.

The £625 is for this and some other more minor repointing.

This is just one of many jobs that need to be done on the house, this was an additional issue that was picked up on the survey and I had no idea on how much it would be.


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Thanks for posting the quote details.

Thing is, if the hipped roof of your substantial bay is spreading then its possible that the roof framing movement is down to movement or decay in the original timber Bressummer Beam.

You dont show pics of the brick movements/"cracks" or the 75mm gap thats opened up - so its difficult for me to comment further.

If there's no mortgage retention then perhaps, in your time, you can bring a building contractor on site to do remedial repairs after a thorough investigation?

Its curious that no mention is made of interior cracks or signs of damp?

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