30 Jan 2006
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one of my sons seem to have extremes of behaviour at times, almost like he is drunk. Giddy, silly etc. There is a marked change when he gets like this.
It happened when we last went out for a meal. He had mussels in garlic then bacon chop, potatoes, broccoli and courgettes and a cheese sauce.

surely that could not have affected him?

My nephews drink J2o (or something similar which I gather is an orange flavoured non alcoholic drink).
Our kids had about four of these.

He suddenly went really giddy, silly and generally badly behaved. Not awful but wouldnt listen and appeared to be tipsy. (there is no way he had drank anyones alcoholic drink.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? can you point out any common foods that may cause this?
It has happened before but we havent kept a list of what he has eaten.
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Toffs, it sounds like he might have had a reaction to the colourings in the J2O.

My eldest has ADHD & when he was small he was a nightmare. He was quite well behaved when we were out but he had far too much energy and we used to have to take it in turns to go to bed of a night as he'd be up for most of it.

He's almost 20 now and is still the same, except I can't control what he eats now. He is quite sensible though and tends not to eat or drink things loaded with artificial flavours or colours.

There is a good book that you can get (think it's still in print) called 'E for additives' - see if you can get a copy from the library and have a read.

It sounds like you will have to limit his drinks and stuff when out - he obviously doesn't get loads of rubbish at home or you'd notice it all the time.
In my day we used to get a smack for being silly. Didn't make any difference what you ate - it cured you every time.

Joe, in our house you got a smack whether you were silly or not :rolleyes:

My kids used to beg me not to leave them alone with Grandma because she smacked them for stuff :LOL:
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We do buy coke or sometimes cherry ade for a treat. there tends to be other rubbish food on offer at theses times and also our nephews are there and so my kids get excited anyway.

We had put it down to excitement at there cousins being there but it isnt just that.
My mum mentioned to me that she has noticed sometimes a sudden difference in his behaviour at her house (she spoils him and gives him whatever he asks for) and she pointed out when we were out how he seemed like an adult would when drunk.

I will try and get some books... when he is like this this it is really difficult because shouting at him isnt the answer, nor hitting. It is just time, waiting for the effects of 'what ever ' it is, to wear off.

We had a lovely meal but I was a little on edge wondering how loud and giggly he was going to get.
I need to try and find out what triggers this as it is stressful for us but also him.
Brightness said:
My kids used to beg me not to leave them alone with Grandma because she smacked them for stuff :LOL:

Lucky it wasn't my grandad, he used to belt us with his walking stick!
I know.... I know....

but this is different.

Until you experience it you cant understand.

I expect my children to be well amnnered, we go to macdonalds, pubs, restaurants.. all demanding different levels of behaviour.

My children are generally very well behaved.

This behaviour from one of them can not be remedied by a smack.

It is like the behaviour of a drunk, with whom, you can try nd cajole but it is wing and prayer stuff.

This behaviour is really like that of a drunken grown up.
Sounds a bit serious, how old is he? I would have a word with the doctor. I read that book Brightness mentioned..quite an eye-opener, it may explain a few things for you.
he is six. He doesnt turn into a monster!! but he does definately change sometimes... it isnt the norm for him and he just gets... well, hard work, silly, hyper etc.
Brightness said:
Joe, in our house you got a smack whether you were silly or not :rolleyes:

My kids used to beg me not to leave them alone with Grandma because she smacked them for stuff :LOL:

When i was younger 8 ish my gran was half blind half deaf, and she's still the same and she's 99 years old, she doesn't like me much, me dad says it because you don't talk to her, which is true :oops: but what do you say to a person who's 99 years old, ? apart from next year you'll get a telagram from the queen, :LOL: ;)
i think you need to try and put yourself into the shoes of the little one

so drink a bottle of summerbluchen and eat 3 mars bars then smoke a joint

then ask your hubby to errrr reprimand you

see if being spanked will errrmmm make you toe the line

seriously though my middle son had this with orange juice he is now 23 and no probs at all
Ouch Hermes :evil: My old Uncle who was a farmer used to take his leather riding crop to us when we defied him :eek:

Toffee, I agree that yelling or smacking is most certainly not the answer. Education is the key here. Keep a diary of everything he eats and drinks for the next month & make sure anyone he is left with does the same.

You will probably find that you notice a common pattern emerging. It could of course be a sugar 'overdose' - does diabetes run in your family?

I might also, if I were you, have a word with your GP and see if he will give him a 'fasting blood test' just to check that everything is as it should be.

We went for a mooch round the shops today as we're going to a wedding in 3 weeks and neither of us have got anything to wear :eek: !!!! The amount of kiddies screaming and crying bevcause of the way their parents were speaking to them or smacking them absolutely horrified me. I can't ever remember being like that with my kids - I was the mother who used to laugh when they had a tantrum and try to distract them with something ;) Never failed either and stopped them yelling much quicker than smacking or yelling would have done.
I would really like to dismiss this as bad parenting but ....

I genuinely believe that food additives are too blame where the kid is tested an put on strict diets an behaviour changes
stops ADHD...

Joe90 an as other posts say

its the lack of discipline , like that "Gail in Corrie with david =serial killer Apprentice
"oh dear lil lamb has been bad forgive him its MY FAULT"


paedo Doctors (NOT NOW JOE 90 !!! OK )

must be pulling their hair out at the Mass of parents saying their "lil joy " has ADHD, cos they are bad parents......

an IT stops the ASBO court order apparently on scum kids for the feckless mothers ...?????
Brightness said:
We went for a mooch round the shops today as we're going to a wedding in 3 weeks and neither of us have got anything to wear .

Shouldn't you have got hold of some clothes before you went shopping? :eek: :D
just thought id point out that if he was diabetic, drinking sugary drinks would make him tired and lethargic, not hyper, would also drink huge quanitys and pee accordingly, and whilst untreated as above tend to have No energy.

think its more likely hyperactivity of e numbers :LOL:
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