joe-90 said:
toffee said:
joe... will you leave my post alone please?

I am asking a serious question.

your purpose is solely to wind up.

you obviously do not understand in any way what I am talking about.

the mods have given you your own little thread to debate hitting children.
do it there please.

I'm giving you the majority of the population viewpoint. The vast majority support the use of discipline at school and in the home.

Looking for E numbers and colours that make children into thugs is about as scientific as accupuncture and reflexology.


Please quote the statistics on this majority viewpoint, o democratic one (you can only speak for yourself :LOL: )

There are more things in heaven and earth, Ugly Kid Joe, than are dreamt of in your philosophy
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splinter said:
JoEy ,you have done it again .**** him out of it MODS
I have to say that I'm not in favour of members being banned - it would be the thin end of the wedge of censorship, whereas what the Moderators do now is generally reasonable and, increasingly, well thought through.

plastered said:
I´m pretty sure that if Admin look, they will discover that there is an option, which only they can activate, that allows a forum member to continue posting but, rather annoyingly for said member, no one else can see the post - as far as anybody else is concerned the post quite simply does not exist.
Far more effective is to do the forum equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and singing la, la-la, la-la etc.
I agree with softus, there's no need to ban people. If people post offensive things it upto the mods to deleat it, and if they don't just ignore it, or don't read it in the first place, if you don't like the poster don't click on to the topic. ;)

you know mods dont ban here ... its Admin ...

an that guy is a very laid back fella ... (although very small /tiny infact !)

as I have pushed him in my past drunken sodden rages to ban me ...every swear word /threats ...he wont ...! lol

I come here sober and say the same NASTY DISGUSTING THINGS Im gone in a heartbeart by MOD ,

you see .. Softus ;)

We come here FREELY ......
We read an Rage ,An Get Angry ...REPLY SO HATEFUL AT POSTS...

an other times we read an tear in our eye agree an post OUR UPSET /BEST WISHES ......

This board has meant a lot to me , over the last 12months ,:) :) :)

some people I have let down badly =I feel terrible over that .....:( :( :( :( :(, julie/L :( :(

Others here I think they wouldnt have had such a good time without me here,
an that makes my time here all the better .. :) ;)


moz when we remove your posts you don't complain either ;)
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joe-90 said:
I'm the voice of reason in a mad world.

From the mouth of a madman, this makes perfect sense ;)

But it's worse than I thought -

joe-90 said:
Calm down Dear, it's only a forum

He's Michael Winner :eek:

read the posts above , does it matter , NO ....

WHATEVER joe says ..any rubbish here ??????

we dont care ....


or just be his victim ...:) :) ;)
markie said:
He's not as bad as bad as winner, he's such a head fu#k. :LOL:

Still trying to work out which one you mean Markie :LOL:
Moz said:

read the posts above , does it matter , NO ....

WHATEVER joe says ..any rubbish here ??????

we dont care ....


or just be his victim ...:) :) ;)

You right Moz....guys just a troll.
Can't talk sense with him, so don't try ;)
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