Beko Washing Machine WMA 641 W

1 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi, My Beko Washing Machine wont complete it cycle and just crashes half way through, I have checked the following....

Pump is clear and all pipes
The washing machine is ok when filling with water
The problem sems to arise when it come to spin.

The bushes are fine and I have checked them (20mm)

I have reset the machine up-teen times and althoug it does reset, the problem stays.

I have suspected the door catch, does this sound familiar?

-just exploring another avenue here, does anyone know where the load sensor is for this washing machine, I have been told that the washing machine will not spin if it doesnt have enough weight in the drum, I suspect that this also could be the problem.

Also, the drive belt from the motor is in good condition, so that has been ruled out,

Thanks Stef
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Beko isn't really "my thing" but if it crashes when it comes to spin it can be caused by most of the things you have already checked out as ok (& some which you haven't bad shock absorbers or defective drum bearings). What are you trying wash? A single heavy item or unbalanced load can cause the"out of balance" function to kick in. This is not a sensor in the sense of the word. The pcb constantly monitors motor parameters while ramping up to spin speed, if it discovers anomalies it will abort the spin cycle after maybe 3 - 4 attempts.
Hi, thanks for your reply, Im trying just to do a nrmal wash, the no spin thing seems almost intermitant, it actaully span, once the other day, so Im thinking the connection to the motor maybe be bad (its a little loose)

The machine door interlock should be ok as the washer will actaully fill with water.

When I tell it to spin, it empties all the water out and you can hear the relys clicking, however the drum doesnt actually move, and then after that, the washer will empty the water out a secound time, almost as if it thinks it has done the spin....

Is there any electronic sensors in the shock absorbers? if so this maybe my problem.....

Im runnig out of ideas and if theres anything i havent chacked would you be able to tell me?

Unfortunately the drum doesnt move at all, so it never really gets to the 3-4 attempts

do you know of any other suggestions, you help would be very appriciated :)
Like I said Beko isn't really "my thing" so I can only offer you generic information. Check the pump again. Remove the filter (after performing an emergency drain). Turn the impeller by hand, it should have a noticeable magnetic resistance & no up/down slack. While the filter is out run a drain cycle & observe if the pump runs evenly. A no-spin issue can be caused by drain problems. You should also check the drum bearings, open the door & see if there is any up/down slack on the drum...then spin it by hand & listen for a grinding/rumbling sound. If that checks out ok then it could sound like you have a motor or pcb issue. With regard to your question about shock absorbers, no...there is no sensor on these.
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hmm, thanks once again for your information, unfortunately the bearings are fine and the pump works without problems, looks like a new machine huh? :)
When you checked the brushes did you look at the commutator & brush faces? The commutator surface should be an even/shiny brown colour & the brush contact faces polished. Matt brush faces or a burned commutator periphery would signal poor brush contact (worn or sticking brushes). If it looks ok take the motor to your nearest domestic appliance workshop & ask them to bench test it and check the tacho output. We do it all the time for customers when they bring motors in for a brush change & get damaged commutator surface re-dressed. If the motor is ok then your pcb is likely defective.
The only other things you could check for are loose motor plug contacts, that the machine is leveled properly & shock absorbers are ok, and there is nothing stuck in the sump hose that might be causing a poor drain.
Possibly check the wiring loom from the pcb to the motor for abrasions and damage.
Hi, thanks for your replies, Im still trying with this machine,m everything seems fine, I've been busy for the last couple of days, but im back on it now and will check everything mentioned withiin the next 2 hrs, thanks :)
Hi, Ive chcked everything and cant find any problems, even the witring loom and it connectors are fine, could I be looking at a new PCB?
Hi, I pulled the PCB out, and found two resisters that are completley burnt out. Does any one know the resistance to resistors, R19 and R36? They're next to TC2 - Transistor 2 on the PCB?
Thanks Zipper that post is excellent for buying a new modual, however, do you happen to know the resistance values for resistor R19 and R36?
Afraid not...If the colour bands are still legible it may be possible to find out. Otherwise you're stuck with a new/recon pcb. Recon pcb's from EWM cost way less than new ones.
Hi, personally I do not belive in bumping threads, so here goes, If you eventually find the solution to a problem, i think it should be published on the relevant thread so that, if someoen else has similar problems, you can atleast find a suggested solution, anyways....

I found the problem to my washing machine....

It was the PCB, I pulled the whole thing out and had a look at the components, and yeah, surely enough, resistors R18 andR19 were completely blown out, Unfortunately I couldnt find any one kind enough to pull they're machine apart and tell me the resistance values I needed, so the scrap man got the machine, However, I recently found out it would have cost m 87p to fix it.... hmm.

thanks for all the help on here, and my solution is not a critasism, as I did not ask for the reistance values on this site (maybe I should have done?) but hey, the the scrap man down the road is a happy chappy :)

anyone got a spare washing machine lol.

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