BEOK Thermostat Installation

10 Sep 2018
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Hi all,

I wasn't sure if I should post this here, or in the "Outside the UK" section. But I think this one might be more relevant.

I'm currently living and working in Madrid, and I wanted to replace our existing Saunier Duval thermostat (battery powered) with a BEOK 313 WIFI one, so I can control the heat when I am away from the house.

The problem is, I only seem to have 2 wires that are connected to the existing Saunier Duval thermostat, as you can see here:

thermo 1.jpg

I'm no expert, so I'm not 100% sure what these are. But I've traced them back to the boiler PCB, and given that the unit itself is battery powered, I guess they are the sensors coming from the boiler?

The new BEOK thermostat looks like this:

thermo 2.jpg

So my guess is that the brown and blue wires in the first picture are supposed to go into the 1 & 2 sockets (Close & Open) on the BEOK thermostat? Is that correct, or am I totally missing the point?

There is also no direct power feed in the wall behind the existing thermostat, so I went a bit McGyver on it, cut apart an old PC power cord, and wired up the Live and Neutral connections to the 3 & 4 port on the BEOK thermostat above. Amazingly, that actually worked and the unit powered up! After connecting to the phone app, everything seemed ok! Then, as a test, I cranked the temperature up on the phone app to see if the boiler would kick into action .... and BOOM ... the electrics to the apartment tripped out!

I reset the fuse, tried again, and the electrics immediately tripped again. Now, as soon as I plug the unit it, the electrics trip again!

I know my AC Wiring method isn't really the right way to do things, but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything obvious. I think it's clear to see that I am pretty new to all this, so any advice would be much appreciated. Maybe I simply can't use this unit in my flat?

Thanks very much,
Cheers, Orias
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Oooh! I figured from the diagram on the original Saunier Duval unit that 5 & 6 on the BEOK were the same as "Remote" on the Saunier Duval, which aren't used at all. Guess I was wrong!
I'll give it a shot and see! Thanks for the super-fast response!!

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