Berries... Will any produce fruit this year if planted now?

8 Sep 2010
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South West Wales
United Kingdom
Hi all

I am new to this so please forgive my ignorance!

I am looking to buy and plant the following during the next week or so:

- Raspberries (summer and autumn)
- Japanese Wineberries
- Tayberries
- Loganberries

...most of them seem to come in 2L or 3L pots.

I'm figuring out how many of each I am going to want, and part of this decision would depend on when they fruit. Are any of these more likely to produce fruit this year than others, and if so which? Or is it a case that they will all have meagre fruit this year and (hopefully) a lot more next year?

Also, I noticed some nurseries sell these in 9cm pots. That's what made me wonder whether the 2/3L pots are more likely to fruit this year (because they are already much older). But I'm starting to think it might not be as simple as that...

Any advice much appreciated.

Many thanks

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Its not so much to do with their age/ size as how they have been pruned.

Autumn raspberries will fruit this year if planted now. But summer ones fruit on last years growth so you should only see fresh green shoots and no brown stubs on a plant which was pruned properly after harvesting. Any real nursery should have pruned with this in mind though.

Cant help you with the others you'd need to check the specific varieties.
The others all fruit on one year old canes so you're not going to get fruit this year. I hope you have plenty of space, these are all vigorous plants.

If you want fruit this year, get some strawberries.
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The raspberries and loganberries may fruit this year. The last couple of years I've bought cheap canes of both, planted them up in compost and let them grow on a window ledge before planting them at the allotment. They've grown fantastic and both fruited first year no probs although you don't get loads the first year (raspberries better than loganberries). This years new canes I put down the allotment last week and I've noticed that the raspberries have already got flowers on them. Prolly lose those flowers to frost tho as it's too early!

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