best used van?

Don't forget the Vivaro is, actually a Renault in disguise. It's not like the old Bedfords, built to last, and dead easy to work on (except that horrible half-a-V8 engine of the CF vans!)

Renault, that's French isn't it? C'est merde!
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I was going to buy a vauxhall vivaro tomoz for £3900 looked great, had 138k on the clock with servic history but someone i know has told me to stear well clear. He had one and after 100k miles had nothing but problems needed new injectors, new gear box, wiring problems, engine management problems. So i dont think im going to bother with a vivaro now. Was thinking about a newer shape transit but again will I get anythign decent for that price? I had a renault master before and had to sell it for spare and repair because the garage wanted £2000 to get it through an mot!!!

I think your mates right. The 6 speed boxes (if that's what it has - 5 speed boxes are OK) are absolutely famous for developing a bearing failure requiring an expensive strip down and repair. I think the engine is Fiat, with 138K on it it will be just ripe for a clogged EGR, inlet manifold, gummed up swirl flaps and a few other odds and ends needing a fair bit of labour to sort out...
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