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best way to insulate single skin garage

Discussion in 'General DIY' started by Gary111, 4 Aug 2020.

  1. Gary111


    11 Oct 2016
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    United Kingdom
    Hi, I have a 1970s house which has an attached garage with the original roll down garage door.
    I added some polystyrene insulation on the inside of the door, and brush draught excluders on the sides.

    Its still quite draughty though.

    The front half of the garage is single skin brickwork, Im wondering what the most effective thing I can do for a reasonable cost.

    maybe insulation on the single skin part ? if so whats best ?

    or more draughtproofing ?

    I also wondered about blocking off the front half with something like industrial clear strips hanging from the ceiling or building a partition wall inside.
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