black pendant (ceiling rose?), long drop pendant

25 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom

(not sure if the following terminology is pendant or ceiling rose)

I'd like some long drop pendant lighting (bedside lighting, and breakfast bar lighting).

Firstly I'd like to know whether you can get standard pendants with a long drop on them (50cm-1m). Or can you modify a normal pendant with some longer wire.

Secondly, can you get pendants and wire in black?

Thirdly, if the first two options are negative, I assume I have to buy the lightshade and pendant fitment in one, as apposed to putting a shade on a normal long drop pendant.

Many thanks
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I would wait for the experts on here to tell you the definitive answer but I had a similar issue in our bedroom.

You can buy black lighting flex and you can pick up pendant fittings and the ceiling fittings for a couple of quid most places.

I can post the links if you require. I bought some white flex to extend the two pendants in the bedroom. As the fittings were old, I also replaced the ceiling fittings and the pendant fittings.

I don't know if the kitchen stuff would be covered as 'replacement' with longer cable and new fittings because, if not, Part P may come into it.

I can't see why it should but the sparks on here will soon tell you.
if you could post links that would be great.

It's a new build/renovation and if I can get them in time, a sparky will be doing the work.

I think unless I am mistaken, that you can replace a ceiling rose in a kitchen on your own anyway.

Links below.

However, I would suggest that the price of a small reel of cable would be too much. Also, the cost of shipping would outweigh the savings.

I have shown the links below but any electrical supplies near you will have identical stuff at similar pricing and I am certain you could probably buy just the few metres you need instead of a whole reel.

Pendants and fittings;

The cable can be found on the same site - look at Electrical/Cable/Flex

As regards replacement, you are correct. I am still unsure as to what would constitute replacement as opposed to 'new wiring' but if your sparky is doing it then no worries.
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hmmm, couldn't find a black ceiling rose, or lamp holder...

found the flex though. If I can find the rose, this will be my solution I think.
Sorry mate,

misread your original post. Thought you were just after black cable. Will post here if I find any black pendants..... :oops:
Don’t think you will find a black ceiling rose unless it is part of a manufactured pendant light!

In the past I’ve used ceiling roses like these below in chrome with a black nylon cord grip. They look well with a black flex drop and black & chrome fittings. Obviously it depends on the surrounding decor but food for thought maybe!

cheers for that - there's some nice stuff on there.

I'd be happy to mix and match some stuff from there (ceiling rose, lamp holder, flex) with a shade from somewhere else. Nice shades on there own are quite hard to come by.

So i might be forced to get something that includes everything.
You could always try spraying a standard white ceiling rose, assuming you can get the paint to key properly. I wouldn't try spraying the lamp holder though, the heat will damage the paint and perhaps cause other problems too.

I haven't seen/used any pendant sets where it hasn't been possible to extend the drop wire, it's simply on screw terminals at either end.
I only need 4 - two sets of two, so I think I'll end up buying the whole shebang in one go. Seems as though this is the most common way they are sold.

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