Maestro Plug in Ceiling Rose and New Pendant

6 Apr 2023
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Hi, I hope someone can advise. I have a pendant light attached to my Maestro Plug in Ceiling Rose, which lets me detach the pendant for cleaning etc. I now want to change the pendant light, but using the same ceiling rose. When I detach the base, it has the obvious place for earth, live and neutral so in theory I should just be able to put the new wires directly there. However, my new pendant does not have an earth in the flex, but has an earth with a ring loop attached to rose of the new pendant, with all the wires in a terminal box (that is housed in that ceiling rose). Problem is, I don't want to use that ceiling rose, but just swap it to my Maestro. unfortunately, I don't see how to incorporate the earth wire. I have added some photos. It may be that this is not possible and that I need a flex which includes the earth wire? Thanks in advance!


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The earth wire is designed to be attached to the centre rod of the light, secured by the nut and washer. If you cannot use that, then you must find another way of properly earthing the metal parts of the new light fitting. Can't suggest how without seeing a lot m,ore of how the light fitting goes together/comes apart!
Hi Eric, My fitting looks exactly like yours, so is it just a matter of pulling through the earth wire and then putting the ring loop of the new earth wire where that hook is? (This is what I was thinking, but not sure if the ring loop will be secure on there? Thanks so much this is really helpful
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two photos, ring loop end of earth wire, and (2) end that goes to the ceiling rose (Maestro detachable base as in earlier photo)


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Unscrew hook

Screw end of rod into Maestro

Check for earth continuity. I think the slide in bit maintains the earth. You’ll need to check.
I may have misunderstood, but to me it sounds as if only the 2 core flex hangs down to the new light fitting, and the only metal on the fitting is the new ceiling rose - and that isn't wanted?

Can you give us a link/wider photo of the new fitting?
It's possible that you can just wire the 2 core flex straight into the Maestro, disposing of the new rose (and it's unneeded earth connection).
Can you give us a link/wider photo of the new fitting?
It's possible that you can just wire the 2 core flex straight into the Maestro, disposing of the new rose (and it's unneeded earth connection).
Found the catalogue..


If the flex is 2 core down to the lamp, and you want to get rid of the new metal rose, that's fine. Just connect the 2 core flex straight into the Meastro.
Thank you everybody! The flex is two core down to the lamp. attached photos - but the lamp fitting looks metal and I will put a shade on which is definitely metal. It would be easiest to just connect the two core flex straight into the Maestro , but I want to be sure that is safe? Perhaps the metallic bit is only a finish and not fully metal? The Maestro itself does have an Earth in the ceiling correctly wired . Thanks all !


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but I want to be sure that is safe?
Yes, it will be safe. The lamp holder itself, should have "Double/Reinforced Insulation" - it means that any touchable metal parts are kept well away from live parts, by some chunky bits of plastic.
The lamp holder and the shade do not need to have an earth connection.
Thank you Randomgrinch, this is good to know, so you think the Earth and metal rose of the new fitting can be discarded… and the that earth does not need to connect to the base of the MaEstero (the slide out bit). I think the Maestro is metallic , the top bit attached to the ceiling has the Earth connection. The slide out bit then will not need connecting to Earth from what you are saying. Thank you very much for your advice,
Yes, just connect the 2 existing wires to the L&N in the Maestro.

The re moveable part of the Maestro is indeed metal but I’m sure that it earths itself when it is slid into the ceiling mount.

You must be certain that the lighting circuit wiring in the ceiling actually is earthed.

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