Boiler advice.. it turns out my boiler was never registered!

18 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
I had my boiler installed just over a year ago, it was a Ravenheat combination boiler and it turns out it was never registered, I've not got the details of the installer so I'm kind of stuck..

How much is it going to cost to get someone to come and register the installation if that's even possible?!?

The boiler is under warranty and Ravenheat have been out four times in the last year to fix various things, so I'm 99% sure the installation is okay but now they won't come out unless they get a Corgi registered installation number..

Any advice is very welcome

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Don`t see why they should need a number . If they don`t have anything in there litrature that says must be fitted by corgi otherwise g`tee is void and even then i think it would be dodgy under the sale of goods act.
If everything is fitted as it should be they should be honouring the g`tee
I'm afraid it basically does:

3. Failure to install and commission this appliance to the manufacturer’s instructions may invalidate the warranty.The above does not affect your statutory rights.

And in the manufacturers instructions it says

Gas Safety (Installation and Use)
Regulations, 1994 and amended 2000.
It is law that all gas appliances are installed
and serviced by a CORGI registered installer
in accordance with the above regulations
and these installation instructions.

As it says it does not affect your statutory rights,
Installed and commisioned correctly is easy for them to determine especially after 4 visits .
Fitted by corgi to gas regs you say it has so no problem . you just say as you have cant remember installer and its not your fault he did not register it.
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sorry but he has go his years warranty. the other 2 years is on condition that he got his boiler reg'ed. statutory rights have not been affected as he has received his normal 1 year warranty.

but.. a filled in benchmark book would be proof that the boiler has been installed and commissioned by a corgi reg'ed installer. i guess that it has not been filled in either?

just because they have been out to the boiler 4 times does not mean it is proof that the boiler has been installed by a corgi reg'ed installer. the manufacturer would find it very had to get out of the first year with out proof that it have been installed illegally. even if they did have proof i still think they would have to honer the warranty if no installation faults were found
Would say its nothing to do with it being registered as most manufactures say to get ADDITIONAL g`tee boiler has to be registered within 30 days so why are they asking for a corgi number they would just say tough titty.

So has the ravenheat got a standard 2 year g`tee all they should be asking is has it been serviced.
Also if existing fault under certain time period they should be fixing it even if its out of g`tee
being a raving heat, chances are pretty good it was not installed by rgi.
as there are no details or benchmark about the installation, the manufacturer can effectively argue it has not been installed correctly.
technically, a boiler without a benchmark filled out is at risk as it has been ascertained that the boiler is working within specified parameters.
if one of my clients had meddled with the boiler i installed to such a degree that it was at risk, i would refuse to repair under warantee.
the fact that op may not have been aware he was a cowboy is no legal argument as the onus is on home owner to make sure the work is done safely and legally.
hiring a dog card holder to do the work absolves owner of this responsibility.
hiring a cowboy in itself alone would technically leave you open to prosecution. not that anyone seems to care.
Thanks bengasman

but that doesn't
a)get my boiler fixed
b)help me get the boiler registered with corgi
c)benchmark my boiler
d)ensure my boiler is installed safely and legally

I think what I'm trying to say is can all this be done retrospectively and for how much?

ps. thanks also for the other replies, I'm trying to track down the original installer as I'm sure he was corgi registered I just don't know why he didn't register it? as I've read that bit only costs £2.50
any rgi can test/check the installation and make sure it is safe and legal.
ONLY the installer who stuck the boiler on the wall can legally notify it.
that means only he can do that, he is also the only one who can make sure your warrantee is valid. that was the main point of my story, but i should have realised it is not so evident for people who don't work in the trade.
I would ask how you found him in the first place?

Didn't you fill in your cheque book stub with the name of the payee?

Ravenheat are one of the few boiler makers who support CORGI registered installers by severly limiting their warrantee when the boiler has not been fitted by a genuine CORGI.

Its a pity the other manufacturers are not as concerned.

sorry but he has go his years warranty. the other 2 years is on condition that he got his boiler reg'ed. statutory rights have not been affected as he has received his normal 1 year warranty.

No law says you have a 1 year guarantee. It says of "merchantable quality". Something could be 18 months old and out of the makers guarantee, but the law will say pay up as it is expected a boiler should last longer than 18 months. The same with any product. It could be 5 years old and the maker may still have top pay up. Say if after 8 years the enamel peeled off a boiler casing, the maker would have to pay up, as it is expected that the enamel would last the life of the boiler. The enamel is not an expendable item, like an air pressure switch.

Guarantees with maker service agents taking full care of it, alleviates the sellers, who are the people who the customer contacts, or sues, if problems - no buck passing. Makers get sellers to sell their products by saying we take care of guarantees 100% just give them out telephone number. They then just sell and don't bother with after service which makes it more attractive to the seller, which is what he wants to dedicate all his time to.

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