Brady taken to hospital

30 Nov 2011
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United Kingdom
He seems too of had a fit and has had to be taken from Ashworth high security hospital to a hospital in liverpool so lets all hope the doctors save his life .
I know if I were a doctor I would do my utmost to see he lives another day

. On monday he is meant to getting an appeal heard to allow him to be released into a scottish jail were he can then decide to die now if i was on the appeal board i think i might say if you reunite winnie with her son keith bennett then maybe just maybe we would grant you your move whats your thoughts :?:
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I really feel for the mother of Keith Bennett. So many years to wait for closure which may never come.
He probably doesn't even know where the body is after all that time. England hadn't even won the world cup at the time.
When Hindley was diagnosed with cancer i was thinking of sending her some fags. What really P's me off are these people that try and get these scum released.
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He wasnt just out walking in the moors though joe surely he would of taken in his surroundings at the time and surely his must remember the actual killing
I'm sure they went out there once but it had all changed and they couldn't remember, or was that Hindley?
i understand they were both taken seperately hindley apparantly really tried but brady was obstructive and unwilling to really give any clues
He's an evil gobs**te who deserves to spend the rest of his days in prison, not hospital. And everything should be done to keep the scumbag alive because that is the one thing he does not want!
As for not remembering! I believe he remembers every little detail of what he did and where he put their bodies, including poor Keiths. Torment him every day by playing a loop tape of Winnie asking a simple question.
"Where is my Keith?" Play it until he cracks and gives the answer. If he gives the wrong one keep playing it 24/7/365 where ever he goes!!! BARSTEWARD!!!
i disagree.. kill them... or torture them for details... we should have a little less tolerance with the self elected sub class !!! :evil: (i.e. anyone who commits such a crime is different to the rest of us and should face a different rule set)
I think its only because he's in a hospital he can be force fed thus if he gets his appeal and goe's to prison he can then refuse everything and die ( i think thats right) . Totally agree he should be made to permanently listen to a repeat winnie of asking him wheres keith till he cracks though
driving over the M62 (?)... the eeriest place in the world passing thru Saddleworth moor.......theres always a wierd quietness.....
driving over the M62 (?)... the eeriest place in the world passing thru Saddleworth moor.......theres always a wierd quietness.....

Even on a sunny afternoon.
It is a weird place. Would not fancy going over in the middle of the night on my own with only a few cars around.
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