Breaking News (Rwanda policy)

In the examples given both simply needed to go to the nearest safe country and from there apply for a visa. Simples. A highly trained doctor would have found an army of sponsor companies willing to manage the whole process

No need to pay traffickers, no need to travel a perilous journey.

Th Rwanda scheme is for those who have no link to the U.K. but links to a 3rd safe country. E.g someone who has been granted refugee status in Greece but left Greece to upgrade.

We are using Rwanda to provide safety for those who come here illegally and to deter people from trying via people trafficking
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Why do you believe that?
Because that's not the policy. I thought it was that at first, but the government isn't doing that.

It wants to take people it thinks are less worthy of asylum and send them to seek it in Rwanda without seeing if they qualify in the UK first.
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Rwanda policy - FAIL.
We will find out eventually even if it gets off the ground.

One fact not mentioned in the fact check. The number of migrants is heavily dependent on the number of trouble spots in the world. Syria for instance caused rather a lot of movement,
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UK asylum grant rate nearly 3 times that of France:

Japan, the world's third largest economy, accepts hardly any refugees:

The good thing about the Rwanda thing is that British officials can go there and sort out the scrotes from the punters in a controlled manner.
I imagine that not all these illegals are Albanian gangsters, religious fundamentalists, or benefit tourists ect.
There could be a number who are of good character and could make a useful contribution to the UK economy.
you could argue its tried and tested.

Tried and tested to be both very expensive and very cruel

“Suffering to Save Lives: Torture, Cruelty, and Moral Disengagement in Australia’s Offshore Detention Centres”

There could be a number who are of good character and could make a useful contribution to the UK economy

maybe we could swap them for some British grown chavs…or Brexit supporters or Tory MPs

Tories say it’s a wonderful place
Tories say it would be a deterrent

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