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Building base below ground level - advice

Discussion in 'General DIY' started by markyyyyyy, 11 Feb 2020.

  1. markyyyyyy


    5 Dec 2012
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    United Kingdom

    I am building a log cabin in my garden which is going to rest on a timber base of 2x6", which will be sat on timber posts on top of a paving slab, which will be approx 15cm below the ground level to the front half of the garden. Therefore, the aim is to have the top of the 2x6 timber finishing flush with the rest of the gardeen, therefore the log cabin will appear at the same level to the paving in the garden.

    With the frame work being below the ground level of remaining garden, i'm concerned that rain water will run off the paving and down onto the timber frame.

    What can you advise i do in order to prevent any damage to the timber frame?

    Would you put some sort of underground drainage system in between the patio and the log cabin?
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