Can I use this 40mm pipe with solvent fittings?

22 Apr 2014
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United Kingdom
This 40mm Floplast pipe is for compression fittings, but am I able to use it with solvent fittings too?

I was using compression fittings, but where the pipe fits to the outlet through the wall it's very tight and im not convinced a compression fittings will hold, so want to use solvent fitting on this bit.


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Ok thanks. So, I need specific Floplast weld pipe?

I can use the 40mm weld pipe with compression fittings tgiuft, i.e .bath trap etc? Will all be same brand (Floplast).

Failing that, any suggestions about using compression fittings on this outlet and achieving a tight seal?
Compression fittings will work with any type of material, including the various types of plastic. Solvent welding will only work with ABS and PVC plastics. Compression waste pipe may well be polypropylene, a different type of plastic that will not solvent weld. You need to ascertain what type of plastic that pipe is coming through the wall, or alternatively, replace it with new pipe that can be glued.
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Thats not entirely true. Although bad practice. Most modern solvent weld glue is a mixture of solvents and epoxy that air dries quickly. It is possible to rough up polypropylene with carbide and as long as its a tight fitting you will get a succesfull and watertight bond. Prime example is wedi dn50 vertical trap into a 2" internal solvent weld street elbow.
But generally its a no!!
Thanks for the replies. I'll try and find out what type of pipe that is.

If that outlet pipe is not solvent friendly and I can't get a decent deal with a compression fitting, whats my best option? Liberal use of ptfe tape and plumbers mate?
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Liberal use of ptfe tape and plumbers mate?

No, no, no.

Not required. Compression is fine.

Just about every house in the UK has at least two waste compression joints, on the outlets of the sink and basin traps.
Solvent weld pipe and push fit pipe are slightly different diameters. If a solvent weld fitting is a nice snug fit onto your pipe, it will be fine to solvent weld. If its a loose wobbly fit, then you have polypropylene pipe designed for push fit fittings. Compression fittings will do both types of pipe.
If you can't see the pipe type written on the pipe just try cutting a little off the end...pvc and abs will let you cut off clean shavings...PP will feel waxy and won't give a clean cut.

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