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11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
[Mods, please don't move this: I'd appreciate the wider audience here]

Ha, ha. You should see my renewal premium from a certain Swiss insurer today. I take it the increase is to pay for the TV ads they've had running lately.

I drive a bog standard 02 Octavia Elegance estate, 110 TDi... I'm 40 and live in a very posh SK postcode.

OK, I've had 4 claims in the last 5 years (including two unfortunate claims earlier this year, one due to lane-swapping without warning, the other due to damage while parked), however, my premium is now jumping from 625 pa to just under.............

£3000 pa. Need a brandy, anyone?

What I'm thinking of doing is paying them off for a couple of claims to see if I can regain any NCD, and lose the ridiculliculliculliculliculous premium!

I'm not laughing.... :cry: :cry:
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eek! Man, you'd be paying more than me!!! :LOL:

And i've had 2 claims in the last year, one i believe was paid out by the 3rd party, but the other was my fault. Renewal in January this year cost just over a grand - i'm 20.

Just after renewal i made the second claim - at my fault. So I dont want to know what i'll be paying this january, to be honest. I hope its not as much as yours Simon! :eek:
securespark i think it's time to get your bike out, it will be a lot cheaper. I'm sure slogger will give you a few tips, :LOL: ;)
3K ? that's absurd for an old duffer like yourself. I pay less than £150 fully comp for mine (not the 4x4 BTW .... the other one

Methinks a little phone around may be required, your insurance company, does it send you to sleep Zzzzzzzzz..... ?
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I've never made a claim ever (over 30 years driving) . I should pay £5.99 or something like that.
I took out a policy on qmy new car yesterday, which is costing me £1200 for 12 months. The worst part about finding car insurance is the vastly varying quotes so you end up having to get a quote from every company you can find. It has taken me three evenings of ringing round, and filling out online forms to get the best quote I could.

The worst price i was given was in the region of £3500 :eek: I don't understand how the prices vary so greatly between insurers.

I'm 24, and drive a 2.2l diesel, with one claim to my name, and no one has quoted me happy. :cry:
keyplayer said:
4 claims. 5 years. mmm lol . A menace to society?

Well, here goes.

November 02. Glass claim after break-in.

August 03. Collision with lorry on roundabout. Me in r/h lane. Lorry turning right but not indicating. Settled against me because he was wearing false plates and the cops not interested.

March 05. Slammed into the rear of. Driver blames me. Insurance Co's legal eagles only just written the third party a letter inviting them into the courtroom. Not settled yet.

May 06. Car damaged while parked. Settled against me as no one left any details. Surprise, f'in surprise...

June 06. Side-swiped by a non-indicating lane changer. Not settled yet, but will go 50/50 as there are no witnesses and the accident damage is not conclusive.

Make your own minds up!!
Sounds like you're an unlucky driver to can quote me to your insurers BTW.
woweee 3 K i bet you wish you were 56 drive a renault megane and pay £ 193 fully comp :LOL: ;)

following the recent adverse publicity for norwich union i couldnt find a cheaper like for like quote also im suprised that a speeding offence dont make any difference
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