Cats are afraid of their own reflection - think it's another cat. In parts of Spain, they leave plastic bottles near the gates to stop the cats - don't know whether it works but many do it. Place an old mirror near where they like to go - they will not be back.
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More feline fun...............

Current personal high score 3016 ft.
Correction. January to January! I know that you are right but why take chances?
Thanks Solo and Planet Thanet,
I feel a whole load better now.
My best score on Kitten Cannon is only 1095, but I am working on it.
In an earlier reply to this post, I mentioned that our new neighbour is now our ex-neighbour and that the house is up for sale. Do you think that it would be a good idea to fix a "No Cats" notice to the For Sale sign?

Yeah!! Advertise the fact you dont like nasty pet loving people. You may then end up with some loverly heavy metal rock lovers who do it Loud :LOL: Or! maybe some perverts with Tags. Or some simple druggie dealers...the list is endless..

I had to have my dog put to sleep today. Rant over....
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